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Garbled Syntax is a repository of thoughts and experiences by Zepo and GreyNinjaGirl. Follow us as we travel through time and space solving crimes, recording cat videos, playing games, and living life.

Every once in awhile I’ll get in this mood to reformat this website. And if you’ve ever been here in the past you’ll notice things are looking different. It’s a new look and I kinda like it.What the hell am I trying to accomplish with this site anyways?

Well let’s see. The earliest post on this side was back in 2004. I know I definitely purchased the domain while I was in High School. I think with Junior year or Senior year. So that would mean I’ve had error42.com since sometime between 1997-99.

When I first bought the domain I was pretty much the only person I knew who wanted one (a website that is). At first even though the site was called Error42, I think I titled all the pages “Dante’s Inferno”. At the time I was on this Divine Comedy kick.  Dante’s Inferno was basically a place where I kept all my photographs. I did do some daily rantings but I don’t think I ever really posted more than 3 paragraphs total. I had a few pages for short stories that I wrote.

When I was around 14 years old I was given a 35mm Canon Powershot camera. I took loads of pictures. I always had my camera with me when my friends and I would go do something together. If there was a birthday party, a baseball game, whatever, I always brought my camera. I wasn’t trying to be a trendy photographing Instamatic hipster Polaroid fiend. I genuinely just loved taking pictures. (I should probably dig them all out and put them on here somehow. A good number of them have made it to Facebook, but I’m sure they have all gotten lost in the album shuffle that is FB photo updates).

So originally that’s what I used Error42.com for, just a place for me to place my pictures. I took the time to scan all the pictures I wanted to keep online and placed them in galleries. All with basic HTML. Eventually I graduated to a digital camera sometime around the year 2000. The Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH. It is around this time that social media websites like myspace and photo storage websites start to appear online. And as I begin to spend more time updating myspace with pictures and status updates, the less time I spend using Error42.com.


… Work in Progress…

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