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Dreaming on the Dock of the Bay

6-25-2016 6:15am

Just woke up from a crazy dream. Needed to write it down.

So Andrea and I are in the Fiesta and we are driving around some unknown city. It must have been during a road trip. There is a storm coming in and we are trying to figure out how to get back on the road and on our way home. There is a sense of us needing to get the heck out of the city and fast. As we are driving none of our GPS devices are working so we are just trying to go by instinct. We end up on what feels like a ramp bridge to cross a body of water – but it ends up to turn into a dead end pier to the water. Above us are bridges that seem to go over the body of water – we are just stuck underneath them.

Unfortunately we are not the only ones that went down the dock so there a few cars behind us as well….

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Zombie Apocalypse Live


By far the best haunted house / zombie experience I have ever had. Each person gets a realistic M16A4 Rifle (infrared) that has safety, single round and 3 round burst settings. Air-soft recoil action. All the zombie actors have electronic sensors. Gotta make the head-shot. Soooooo good. Zombies come charging at you and you let them have it. Three Reloading/Safe House locations throughout. Two Buildings/play areas. This group is doing a small tour, if its coming by you I highly recommend.


The Walking Dead.

Every Sunday Don and I watch The Walking Dead. For the past several Sundays I have felt the same way when the show ends: unsatisfied. Nothing ever happens! Tonight’s episode in particular proved this.

I loved the first season and couldn’t wait for the second to start. But once they got stuck at this freaken farm the show took a turn for the boring. Every episode it was the same thing. The first half of the season was spent looking for the missing girl, only to find she was a locked up zombie in the barn. It sucked they killed her but I thought “yay, now we can move on with the plot! Let’s get off this farm!”

No….the next episodes were spent with everyone in a depression and trying to figure out if they would have to leave the farm. Now after getting into a fight in the town and bringing home an injured teen, we have to get rid of this teen. First of all…why we have to get rid of him is a joke. We nursed this kid back to health and now were going to just set him off to die on his own. When they could just keep the kid and move on from this freaken farm.

So the whole last episode was focused on Rick and Shane fighting over Lori and trying to ditch this kid. By the end of the episode we still have the kid….and is the fight over between Rick and Shane…probably not. Can’t wait for next week for part 2 of the episode where Rick and Shane will attempt to get rid of the kid again and try not to get themselves killed in the process. Then they will return to the farm with no plan. If this show was real, all of these people would be dead.

And yet I keep watching every week. Maybe there’s still hope.

Zombie Dream.

last night i had a dream we (don and i)  were running away from whatever city we lived in because it was overtaken by zombies.  we had left a few of our friends back at our apartment, locked in the basement because they had been bitten.  i think one of them was sheva from resident evil 5 hahaha.  even though people were turning into zombies they could still talk and we were looking for a cure.  we decided we need to go back to our apartment so we did and it was weird.  we were just living in this apartment with our zombie friends in the basement locked up.  the people that were left in the town were trying to resume to normal life, stores were reopening.  once in awhile a herd of zombies would come in and attack.  then our lock on our door broke.  i had to go to ace hardware to get a new lock.  we couldn’t figure out how to fix it and at one point zombies were trying to break in.  don was stabbing them with a knife and i had a pair of scissors…then i woke was weird.

Montauk Dream.

so last night i was having a dream i was in Montauk with don. we were at montauk point and we could see the lighthouse. for some reason there was giant building right behind us. we were kinda just standing outside looking around at the water. there were a lot of people just walking around and at the beaches. i looked up at the sun and said something about how the sun was always brighter here. don said “dont look at the sun” it was one of those days when you could see the sun and the moon. i was looking up and noticed that not only could we see the moon but also it looked like the moon had a reflection. so there was the sun, the moon and something else that looked like the moon in the sky. for some reason we didn’t think this was odd so we just kept doing whatever we were doing here.

all of the sudden we hear people kinda panicking and pointing up to the sky. the thing that looked like another moon was coming down from the sky. like a meteor. it was coming fast. we turned around and started to run. we were running so fast and the thing hit the building that we were standing next to earlier. debris starting flying all around us but we kept running.

i couldn’t believe that we were still running. we were alive and i didn’t feel out of breath. it was like a movie. all of the sudden were in like an underground parking garage. we were pretty far away from whatever just fell out of the sky so we decided to rest.

a group of girls showed up and they were kinda like the “bad guys” or something. they wanted to steal from us they were bullying us until one of them starting screaming out in pain. she was moving around like crazy. and she was becoming covered in spiders. the spiders were not that big maybe the size of a quarter and she was being bit all over by them. the spiders were coming out of a crack in the floor and they were not slowing down. they were coming for all of us so we started to run again.

we ran through buildings…it was like people had went a little crazy and in some of the rooms people were killing other people. it was like running through a haunted house and every room has something different, gross, and scary. except it was real.

and that’s all i remember.