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zombie dream

I had a zombie dream

There was a part about a car. Driving a car. And I watched as another car ran off the side of the road and flipped over

Then I was back in that house where I had a zombie dream before. My mother was there and that guy who is in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles but used to be on 90210. He was tough as nails.

There was a part of the house that turned out to be almost mansion sized that we were trying to block off from our side. I’d say we were in the east wing. I think summer glow was there but I think she was serenity summer not terminator summer. Once we got organized we were able to dispatch the zombies on the property rather quickly. I specifically remember watching summer stand by a garbage bin as zombie after zombie approached her. She would deftly remove them of any weapon if they held something in their hands and then she would proceed to snap their necks one right after the other, slowly building a pile of weapons and bodies. I don’t think I even so much as raised a hand to fight or defend any zombies in the incursion.

After all the zombies had been cleared, Brian Austin Green, gets everyone together to go outside of the mansion grounds and I forget what happens next.