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A Day In San Juan.

We woke up this morning and had breakfast at Cafe Caribe in the Hotel. The food was okay. They had a really nice view of the ocean from the restaurant. It was funny because Don and Judy saw someone they went to Jr. High School with! Crazy!

After breakfast we went to the pool and beach. The pool was freezing cold so we didn’t get in, but the beach was a little warmer. We did a little snorkeling in the beach and we saw quite a few fish. I saw a pretty big fish it was probably about 2 feet long but it swam away really fast. It looked like the barracuda we saw in Belize. We saw this fish that blended in on the bottom in the sand, it looked pretty scary.

It was raining on and off while we were at the beach. We sat out by the pool for awhile but then it started downpouring so we went inside. I did some research on snorkeling excursions. I booked one tour for the island of Culebra. I also researched some beaches on the Southwestern side of Puerto Rico because we are thinking of taking a little road trip there.

Later in the afternoon we went to check out Judy and Steve’s room. We had some rum and cokes. Why is rum so good here?! Then we went out to eat at Casa Lola. It was recommended from one of Steve’s friends. It was absolutely amazing. We had a sampler appetizer and everything on it was delicious! I ordered a steak and it was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. It’s going to be hard to top this meal. The waiter was so awesome. He gave us so many recommendations on what to order. He also gave us shots on the house, it was a Pitorro. It tasted like a caramel coffee. It was absolutely delicious. He also gave us advice on where to go in Puerto Rico. One of the best experiences I’ve had at a restaurant.

After dinner we stopped by Cold Stone Creamery. It was a good night.