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Last Full Day

Today was a our last full day here in Puerto Rico. In the morning we did a tour of Coqui’s Hideaway. We were able to see all the plants and how big the property really was. It was raining a little. Don and Steve saw a big snake and then he fell and slipped in the mud. Good thing we have our own washer and dryer at Coqui’s.


After that Judy and Steve went to look at some gifts shops and Don and I went to the kiosks again for lunch. Then we relaxed in the pool before going to Fajardo for a tour of the Bio-luminescent Bay.

The tour of the Bio-Bay was a kayak tour and Don and I have not had a good history with kayaks. This trip didn’t start off well. It was pitch black and the water was very rough. We could not get the kayak to go straight in the beginning and I started freaking out. I decided that I didn’t want to go and we made it back to the dock. I told the tour guide I was scared and not good at kayaking. He asked if we wanted to hook up to his kayak and he can pull us, so we decided to do that. It was much easier and I was happy our tour guide was so accommodating. We saw other couples and groups being pulled also, so we were not complete losers. The Bio-Bay has glowing plankton and it was very pretty.