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St. Maarten :(

Today we got up early because we really wanted to check out beaches in St. Maarten. I wanted to go to the beach that is known for low flying planes near the airport and hopefully get some snorkeling in on our last day. We went up to deck 9 for breakfast and we noticed the boat was still moving and there really wasn’t any land in site.  It was kind of cloudy and we knew that weather was a topic the night before so we thought maybe we were just delayed.

Then during breakfast it was announced that there was a tropical storm called Rafael that had popped up over night and was now over St. Maarten.  We would not be going to St. Maarten we were going to have a day at sea and try to get away from the storm.  This was really disappointing.  We were so pumped and ready to get off the boat and now we would have to spend the entire day here on the boat. It was hard not to be upset but at the same time there was nothing we could do. The crew did their best to come up with more activities for people to do and they made a new itinerary for the day.

So we started off our day by laying out for awhile by the pool.  I brought my book and was reading. Don was kind of resting.  There was some sunlight.  The captain kept saying he would try to get us to some sunlight.  It was getting pretty hot so we went inside the boat and went to the library.  It was a first time there and we rented the game Scrabble.  We took it to our room and started playing.  It got my mind off my disappointment.  Don wanted to go to the Coral Cafe to see what the puzzle and games thing was at 11 am so we paused our scrabble game and went.

At the Coral Cafe we played Battleship together.  Then we played a pictionary game. Don was really good at drawing; I was horrible.  We did not win that game. We pretty much played games and trivia all day.  We tried to win $1000 from a game in the casino.  It was frustrating because it looked so easy but we could not win. We played Movie Clip Trivia, Sea Feud, General Trivia, Entertainment Trivia, and Picture Trivia on the big screen on the lido deck. We did not win any of these games. Don wanted to win so we went back into the boat and played another General Trivia game.  The questions were hard but this time we actually won!! We won a little trophy of the Carnival Victory Ship. The last trivia game was Food & Drink and it was ridiculously hard.  Then we went back to our room and finished our game of Scrabble. We started packing a bit and then went to dinner with Mike and Teresa.

For dinner I had a salad which was very good and Bacon Mac & Cheese.  It was pretty good.  I got Melting Cake for the last time but I could not finish it. After dinner we went to a comedy show and saw the same guy from the other night. He is really good.  Then we saw another guy who was not so good. We thought maybe he just couldn’t do family friendly comedy. There were a lot of awkward moments.

That was our last day. Tomorrow we will leave. I don’t know if I have been very impressed with the cruise. The food has been okay, not as good as I thought it would be. I think if we do a cruise again I would definitely want to try another cruise line. Carnival was okay but I think there’s better.

Day at Sea

Today was our Day At Sea on the cruise.  I have to admit I was looking forward to it a bit because I have been tired.  My plans were to lay by the pool and that is what I did.

I went up to the deck on the 10th floor with an ice cold Dr Pepper and a slice of pizza.  I was looking forward to the pizza on the boat, but it really wasn’t that great.  It wasn’t horrible though.  It was neat to sit there listening to my music and drinking my favorite drink while staring out into the ocean.  But then it got hot, really hot.  So I decided to go down to the pool and try it out.

The rest of the day was spent between the 2 different pools on the ship:  the Triton Pool and the Siren Pool. The Triton pool was more towards the middle of the boat and it was where the big screen was and all the activities were held.  So needless to say it was crowded and loud.  I enjoyed the Siren Pool much more.  I was able to read here and then get in the pool when it got to hot.  And that is what I did until about 3 pm. Then I went back to the room and got cleaned up.  Don had spent some of his day at the casino.

Tonight was formal night on the ship so we had to dress up to go to the dining room. We were planning on going with Michael and Teresa but when we called them they were not going to be ready to eat for awhile and we were pretty hungry so we decided to go by ourselves.  We were seated with 2 other couples.  One was a young couple from Florida, the other was older from Seattle.  It was nice getting to know these new people.

Since last night I was very unimpressed with the steak from the dining room I decided to get a cheeseburger which was funny since it was formal night.  Don had lobster tail. We both had some kind of alligator for an appetizer.  It was kind of like a fish ball but with alligator.  Again, I wasn’t impressed by the dining room.  The best part was the wine, bread and fries that came with my cheeseburger.

After dinner we went to the show on the ship.  It was a dance/singing show called City Lights.  It was okay, a little cheesy.  We saw Michael and Teresa there and we talked to them a bit after the show.  Then we went to an adult comedy show.  It was pretty funny.  I thought the Day at Sea was pretty good, but I couldn’t imagine having to be on this ship much longer than a day.