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So…marriage and video games.

so we are getting married in less than a week.  i have a lot on my mind.  one of those things being the game dead island.  i was looking forward to this game!! i was thinking this could be fun like resident evil 5!  then i learned it’s only 1 player…of course…you can only play people online! so yeah i can play my friends….but what if i want to play my friends sitting next to me in the same room!!  why are they not making games like this anymore!  the last racing game i bought was like this also….seriously how can you not make a racing game so you can play your friend sitting right next to you…not my friend sitting at their house on their computer all alone playing me.  everything is becoming so anti-social!  it is so freaken lame!   there are barely any games anymore at least ps3 that are 2 player, not online.  i remember growing up playing video games with friends…getting food and pop and spending hours in front of the tv playing racing games, road rash, and sonic….now it’s just one player games killing things with your online friends.  stupid!!!  now not all we did was play games…and even now playing video games is a rare occasion, but when i want to there’s nothing to play anymore.  just lame games.  i swear if the next resident evil gets rid of it’s 2 player mode….that’s it no more ps3 for me.  because me and don had so much fun playing that game!but i guess that’s just how things are anyway….kids don’t want to play with other kids they just want their phones and computers.  people don’t need friends anymore.  just electronics and games where you can only play other people you can’t even physically see.

so needless to say we have not purchased dead island yet.  i don’t think we will be getting it for the ps3…maybe for the pc. from what i’ve seen the game doesn’t look that great.  i still want to try playing it.