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I think I need to blog more.

tonight i was bored and curious about something so i had to log onto myspace.  the reason for the myspace log on was to look for something i knew i had blogged about.  myspace has changed  A LOT.  i don’t even know what’s going on with that site!  it looks so different!  does anyone ever use it or look at it?  I haven’t in probably years. but it looks like their blogging is still better than facebooks.

well anyway…i was looking through my blogs for something…and i used to blog  A LOT.  and some of the stuff i wrote i don’t even remember! and as i was skimming through some of them i was like “man i’m glad i blogged about this now i can remember it!”  there were crazy dreams and just random things i did. i wonder if that will be there forever on myspace.  i hope so.  it was like a stupid diary.  a REALLY stupid diary, because i only wrote about mostly stupid stuff.

i should blog more though i guess.  then when my kids are growing up and are like “mom what did you do when you were younger?” i can show them because i know i probably won’t remember.  here kids just read this myspace blog.

i did find what i was looking for though…it was about puzzles.  most of you know mary and i went through a time in our lives where we were addicted to eating lots of junk food, getting drunk, and doing jigsaw puzzles…and i wanted to know how it all started so now i know.

so in tribute to our reunion in the next couple of weeks here is an excerpt from the blog of how all the puzzles started.
this was written sometime in the summer of 2007.

“so i’ve had something on my mind…something that i’ve wanted to get off my chest for awhile.  i dont have anyone in particular i would like to tell this to so i thought i’d just write a blog so that anyone that wanted to could find out.  i have a secret.  it may not be a well kept secret considering that most of my close friends already know (especially mary)  it’s more of an addiction rather than a secret.  well it’s both, a secret addiction.  this addictions started on November 26, 2006.  how do i know this?  because i received a traffic citation on this same day.  i remember me and mary were both very bored.  i mean BORED.  it was a sunday and we couldn’t think of anything to do.  so all of the sudden out of nowhere we decide to do a puzzle.  a freaken jigsaw puzzle…which we had to buy at meijer….which on my way home resulted in a speeding ticket.  this was supposed to be a one time thing but as winter became colder, snowier, and icier…and we had crazy drunken nights…and a lot of free time….we found ourselves wanting to do more puzzles.  so we just started buying puzzles and buying them….(pretty much cleaning out meijer, wal-mart, target and surprisenly k-mart) and when we finished one we would glue it together with puzzle glue…some people may not know but there is such a thing as puzzle glue…and now this addiction has resulted in about 10 glued puzzles stashed under my bed….

puzzles are like a sport except you’re doing probably the complete opposite of most sports by sitting on your ass for hours at a time…eating tons of junk food and sometimes even participating while wasted. ”