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Philippines Trip-Boracay-Engagement

Woke up around 7:15 am and went to breakfast. Then we decided we were going to go snorkeling. We found a guy that said he could take us on a tour from 2 pm to 4 pm. So in the meantime we found another guy that said he would take us. We went on a boat with 2 tour guides.

The beach right in front of our hotel.
The beach right in front of our hotel.

They took us to an island called Crystal Cove. Here we went to a cave, like a lagoon and went snorkeling. It was awesome, I saw a ton of crabs.

Then we hiked along the island to a second cave and snorkeled. Once we were done we got back in the boat and the guides took us and anchored the boat and let us snorkel. The current was very strong so we had to hold onto a rope that was attached to the boat. I felt something sting my shoulder and I didn’t think much of it but then I felt something sting my neck and found out I had been stung by a jellyfish. I was so worried, but all that happened was I got a small rash on my neck and chest. The sting was not too painful. We went to a different location and snorkeled some more then we went back to the hotel.

Next we met up with the next tour guide, They had a boat that was painted like Nemo and the bottom of the boat was clear so you could see the fish and corals. We saw a lot more fish on this tour and the snorkeling was a lot better.

Guide swimming under glass bottom boat.
Guide swimming under glass bottom boat.


Once we got back Don told me to go shower and he would be up to the room in a little bit. After I was done showering he told me to get ready and to put on good walking shoes. A guy was waiting for us down in the hotel lobby. He took us to a truck and we got in the back. I didn’t really know what we were in for. We ended up going to place where you can go on atv/ go-cart thingy tours. We went up a mountain called Mount Luho. On the way up the mountain we saw a lot of wildlife: chickens, dogs, pigs, and monkeys!! Once we got to the top the views were amazing.

Driving the buggy up the mountain.
Driving the buggy up the mountain.

Don asked the guide if we could have a few minutes alone and we stood there…and he was like “Andi, I want to ask you something…” And my mind started racing. He got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked if I would marry him. Of course I said yes! I was so happy, it was amazing. I was in shock…I couldn’t believe it was happening. Afterwards we continued on the tour…took tons of pictures and still felt like none of this was real.




Once we got back to the hotel we ate at an Indian restaurant and then came back to the hotel…exhausted. And I can’t believe we are engaged!

Philippines Trip-Traveling to Boracay.

We got up around 6 and had breakfast at the hotel then took the shuttle bus to the airport for our 9:30 am flight to Manila. Our flight was on time and it was around 4.5 hours long.

I watched Shutter Island on the plane. Kinda crazy. Then I watched animal planet’s funniest animals. This flight was really good, super smooth. The only problem was that at this point I was done with flying and I wanted off. We finally got to Manila around 1:45 pm.

Here we thankfully got our bag that we had checked in a day earlier. Then we met up with Don’s dad. He had our Boracay tickets and we had to catch that flight at 3:45 pm. He got a cab with us to take us to the different terminal.

Our flight to Boracay was delayed of course…because we rushed, rushed, rushed to get there fast and get through security. We were told that our flight was having to be diverted to a different island so we would have to take a shuttle bus and then a boat to Boracuy after the flight. So our flight took off around 5 pm and we landed around 6.


Then we got on the shuttle bus, which was super crowded. We actually had to sit on seats in the middle of the aisle that came down from the sides of other seats. It was super uncomfortable and super hot. What we thought would be a 15-20 minute ride turned out to be an hour and half.

We got to the place with the boat around 7:45 pm. Then we took the boat over to Boracay. When we got there we didn’t know where to go because no one came from our hotel to greet us. So we finally figured out we had to take a “cab”, which was really a motorcycle with like a wagon thing hooked to the side. They call them tricycles. It was a crazy, bumpy ride but cool. So we got to our hotel around 9 pm. We had some pizza since we hadn’t really ate all day then just watched a band play on the beach and then went to bed.

Here’s some pictures of our hotel.