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Beggars Pizza Review – 3413 N. Clark, Chicago IL

Recently we went to Beggars Pizza on Clark Street in Chicago. We were walking home after a comedy show and since I hadn’t eaten dinner yet a slice of pizza sounded good and fast.

So…Beggars Pizza has a sign outside saying “Open Late” and “Pizza Slices”. It was only about 10 pm so they were open. When I walked in I noticed there were no pizzas sitting out like at a regular NYC pizzeria. There was this small spinning heater looking thing that had some pizza in it.

I ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza. The guy said all we have is cheese left. Seriously? You advertise yourself as having slices of pizza and you only have 2 slices of cheese at 10 pm? Even Sbarro has at least 4 different kinds of pizzas ready to be sliced up for you at any given time. It’s bad when you start comparing a pizzeria to Sbarro. And what pizzeria can’t throw a couple of slices of pepperoni on a plain slice, heat up, and serve? But let’s just get this straight…Beggars Pizza is NOT a pizzeria. Don’t go here expecting to get a decent slice of pizza. There’s no where for them to even keep pizzas. Just a small spinning microwave looking thing.

So onto the slice. I ordered the cheese because I was starving and I didn’t have anything else to choose from. It looked and tasted like it had been sitting under a fry lamp all day. It wasn’t terrible but maybe that’s just because I was so hungry. It’s possible that if the pizza was fresh, it might have been better than Pizza Hut or Dominos. But only by a small margin. That’s not really saying much when you compare a pizza place to a chain like Pizza Hut. Maybe if I would have ordered delivery from this place it would have been different. I wouldn’t have been disappointed with the lack of slices and the freshness of the pizza….but seriously…how about you just don’t advertise yourself as having slices if you don’t have slices.

Beggars Pizza you are not that good.