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Where was I?

My last post was incomplete.

I'm on the bus now just thinking.

I think that there is a reason why each person is born. But it is not as personal as most people would believe. I believe that it is not the individual that has a destiny, but all of mankind. Most people spend there whole life trying to figure out their own lives when they really should be considering how their lives fit into the bigger picture.

If mankind were to be thought of as a single entity then each person becomes a part of a giant whole. Like the cells of our own body, each person functions as part of a giant living organism.

Our reason for being isn't what we accomplish in our lives, it is what we impart on the future of mankind.

I am not trying to lead this thought into a religious ending. Nor am I trying to lead you down a road that finds a certain religion to be right or wrong about creation or life itself. In fact I am trying to reason a Pan-religious theory. An idea about life, that fits across all religions.

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