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Belize-Placencia Village

We woke up today pretty early around 7 but just laid in bed kind of fell back asleep until 8ish.  Then we decided to go out and snorkel for a bit since the water was calm.

Before getting in the water a woman approached me and asked if we were staying here.  She said she had hitch-hiked from Placencia.  Then she asked if I wanted to look at her crafts.  I told her I had no money on me now so maybe later. When we got in the water we didn’t see much because it’s mostly sand.  Then we saw a few fish and we were getting further out and I heard Don say “Andi come back!”  We’ve been snorkeling quite a bit in our lives and I’ve never heard him say this so I was scared…like was there a shark??  So I just started swimming back to shore fast.  In my head I was a little disappointed on the swim back like…”man if there was a shark out there and he just made us swim like this and draw all this attention to us!!”  I wanna see a shark so bad and if it’s far away and you just stay calm it should be alright…but we when got closer to shore he told me he saw a big jellyfish and I was swimming right for it.  So that ended our snorkeling this morning.

Then we came back in and got cleaned up for breakfast.  Don had a dish called Belizian Fried Jacks.  It had black beans, scrambled eggs and these pastry like things.  I had a Bacon Egg Burger.  It was good.  It was just bacon and 2 eggs over easy on ciabatta bread. During breakfast we could see the woman spreading out all her jewelry and trinkets on the beach to sell.

After breakfast we talked to the hotel owner about our tours.  Now I think we are adding another snorkeling trip.  It sounds pretty awesome. We also made friends with the Maya Beach Hotel cat..
Then we decided to take the bus to Placencia Village.  While waiting for it though….guess who caught us.  The woman selling her crafts.  She was also waiting for the bus.  But she convinced us to look at her items.  I ended up buying a bracelet for $10, because I am a sucker. The bus came around 12:15 and you get on by waving it down.  It was an old school bus painted blue and it said “Richies Bus” on it.  The ride was $1 per person.  It took us to the end of the peninsula.

Once we got off the bus we walked around a bit.  We looked at the beaches and then just walked around.  It was sooo hot!  We decided there wasn’t really much there so we planned to take the bus back at 2:30, which is the last bus of the day on Sunday.  We decided we wanted to try a different restaurant so we tried a place called Wendy’s.  It was good.  The quesadilla I had was great.  
After that we walked the town some more just basically waiting for the bus.  The bus was so crowded on the way back but the driver dropped us right off at our hotel.  Can’t really beat the price of $1 for a bus ride.

Once we got back I wanted to go for another swim….so we went back out to the beach and snorkeled again.  We love snorkeling.  We didn’t really see anything too crazy just a few fish here and there.  The water felt so good, it’s so nice and warm.  After our swim we got cleaned up again and decided to walk about a mile to a different restaurant.

On the walk there the hotel owner saw us and said she would give us a lift.  That was nice of her.  The restaurant was Mangos and it looked really cool.  The food was good.  I had nachos. Don had fried chicken. The problem was when the food came immediately we were surrounded by flies.  It was so annoying.  We just ate so fast.  I feel like all we did today was eat hahaha.  
We had to walk back and it was pretty dark.  But it was a nice walk.  When we got to the hotel the whole front of the building had little lizards on it.

Now we are back and we are just getting ready for our excursion tomorrow to the ruins.


Honeymoon-Mykonos – Snorkeling Beach Marathon!

Our alarm didn’t go off this morning. We wanted it set for 7 am, because we wanted to go to the bank and get more euros. Then we had a 9 am pick up for a car rental. Maybe the reason the alarm failed to go off was because there were power outages all over the island. So we had no power and also no shower. The power luckily came back on soon and I was able to take a shower, while Don went to the bank.

He came back with no euros though because the front desk failed to tell us banks are not open on Saturday. So after breakfast we walked to a place to get some euros. Then we got a call at 9 am from the car rental place. The guy was out front and ready to take us to get our car. We rented a smartcar. It was kind of purple and Don drove it first.


We wanted the car so we could go beach hopping. We went to Psarou Beach first. There were people every where as Don tried to park the car on a hill. It was challenging because the hill was so steep and the car had such a weird brake/accelerator system. Finally we walked down to the beach and the beach had a bunch of nice chairs and tables. The beachfront had a bunch of restaurants on it also. Even though it was busy, it was pretty quiet. We had to have lunch from the restaurant to sit at the chairs or pay 10 euros for 2 people. We figured we would just have lunch since we needed to eat. We ordered a cheeseburger and pizza. The pizza was very good.

When we first got in the water it was cold, but then it felt good. The water was so clear and the salt in it made it sparkle. Don wanted to snorkel so we got our snorkels, good thing because it was awesome. On the side there were rocks with tons of fish and sea life. Fish were surrounding us. It was so cool. I think it was my favorite beach of the day.



Next we drove to Kalafatis Beach. It was much quieter; people were mostly sleeping. There were a few restaurants on the side but we didn’t go there. We wanted to snorkel. There were big rocks with tons of sea life. I think this was Don’s favorite beach. It was fun to just ride the waves and see the fish doing the same.



Next we went to Kalo Livadi. We thought we would snorkel again but the beach was sandy with no sea life really. We saw a few fish following us around but mostly it was a beach to have a good time. We mostly just laid out and tried to get dry. The sun felt so good.

After this beach I tried driving the car. The car was very rough shifting, probably because it had the option to be a manual and it was also very hilly. Going uphill felt like you were just going to fall back down it. But after awhile the driving was okay. I did fine. Don was the navigator. We decided to stop at one more beach, Lia. It was surrounded by rocks, kind of like a mountain. We saw some people hiking. There were hardly any people at this beach. We just walked around, but didn’t get in the water. We took some pictures with some random dog. It was very quiet there. There was a restaurant that seemed kind of weird but relaxing.






Then we took the car back to the rental place. My first time driving in a foreign country was not too bad. Driving in Greece was crazy though! There were bikes, atvs, people and other cars all on these tiny winding hilly streets.

After we returned the cars we got a ride back to the hotel and took showers. Then we went out and had some gyros at a little place not far from the hotel.



After eating we did some more exploring. We found a little desert café place. We had a chocolate cake thing with ice cream. It was probably the best desert I’ve ever had. The people running the place were so nice also.

We got back to the hotel pretty early, but we were tired. But before we got home…we found cats…

Honeymoon-Snorkeling … nah how about Scuba diving?! in Santorini

I slept good last night. We slept with the balcony open and apparently it started thundering and storming so Don got up and shut it. I never heard any of this happen. We got up around 730 am so we could go on our snorkeling trip. First we went to breakfast at the hotel. It was not so good but it was free. I was getting a little worried because it was very cool outside and it looked like rain. I couldn’t imagine getting in the water but we went for it anyway. A person from the dive shop came and picked us up around 9 am. On the way she asked us if we wanted to try diving instead of snorkeling. I’ve always wanted to do diving but I have never done it so the thought of doing it today made me a little scared. After thinking a little bit we decided just to do it.

It was 85 euros a piece. I was feeling really nervous but excited also. When we got to the dive shop we filled out the paperwork, paid and got our wetsuits, boots, and flippers. Then we got in a van and drove to the port. The port was a lot smaller than the main one on Santorini. The boat was a small speedboat and it was freaking rough. I was bouncing up and down. We got out to the first dive spot and the experienced divers went out. We stayed on the boat with our instructor. He gave us a brief talk about diving. I couldn’t really focus on it because the boat was rocking and I was feeling very seasick and nervous. Finally we got up and Don got in first. We went to the back of the boat and put weights on our waist, our flippers on, mask on and then the instructor helped us put the tank on. Once the tank was on he hoisted us up and we stepped off the boat.

The first time I was in the water with all this gear on it was very awkward and I felt panicked. I felt like I couldn’t control my body very well because it kept pushing my body up. We went underwater for a little bit just to see what it was like. Then Don went with one instructor and I went with the other one, Costca. He was very easy to work with. We followed the chain from the boat anchor down. My ears hurt a little from the pressure but not that much. The first dive was awesome. We saw a few fish and saw the drop off. It was pretty amazing.


When we got back on the boat we had some water and a little croissant thing. I couldn’t really eat. I didn’t feel that sick anymore but I just couldn’t eat. So we boated to the next dive spot. It was by the island of Therassia, where we ate the day before. When I first got in the water I felt a little better about it. I felt I could control my body a little easier. Then we started to go down. This time I didn’t go with Costca; I went with the other instructor. We started to go down and my ears hurt bad. It was really giving my problems. So we would go back up a little, but I felt like he wouldn’t listen to me. It was really hurting and he told me maybe I was focusing on trying to regulate them too much. This was probably true. They started to feel a little better, in my mind I was like maybe they are just feeling better because they have burst! We went down and I saw a black sponge and a few fish. Then my goggles started giving me problems. At first I tried to ignore it but then they came off. I started panicking. My instructor brought me up and I was done. That was okay because it was the end of the dive anyway.

I want to try diving again but with gear that fits me well and lessons. The first dive was amazing, second one not so much but I want to do it again. When we got back to the dive shop we took pictures with the crew and exchanged some names for Facebook. It was a really cool experience. Costca gave us a ride back to the hotel.
Here’s some pictures from the boat ride back.




Once we got back we showered and got ready for dinner. It was early but we didn’t have lunch. We had some pizza, it was really good! We watched some dogs while at the restaurant. One of them was really territorial and wouldn’t let one of other ones into its area. But one of the other ones was okay to go in its area. It was entertaining. After dinner we went down to the beach and laid for a little bit. It got chilly so we walked back. Then it rained a little. The rest of the night we just chilled, packed, and got ready to leave for Mykonos in the morning.




Philippines Trip-Boracay-Engagement

Woke up around 7:15 am and went to breakfast. Then we decided we were going to go snorkeling. We found a guy that said he could take us on a tour from 2 pm to 4 pm. So in the meantime we found another guy that said he would take us. We went on a boat with 2 tour guides.

The beach right in front of our hotel.
The beach right in front of our hotel.

They took us to an island called Crystal Cove. Here we went to a cave, like a lagoon and went snorkeling. It was awesome, I saw a ton of crabs.

Then we hiked along the island to a second cave and snorkeled. Once we were done we got back in the boat and the guides took us and anchored the boat and let us snorkel. The current was very strong so we had to hold onto a rope that was attached to the boat. I felt something sting my shoulder and I didn’t think much of it but then I felt something sting my neck and found out I had been stung by a jellyfish. I was so worried, but all that happened was I got a small rash on my neck and chest. The sting was not too painful. We went to a different location and snorkeled some more then we went back to the hotel.

Next we met up with the next tour guide, They had a boat that was painted like Nemo and the bottom of the boat was clear so you could see the fish and corals. We saw a lot more fish on this tour and the snorkeling was a lot better.

Guide swimming under glass bottom boat.
Guide swimming under glass bottom boat.


Once we got back Don told me to go shower and he would be up to the room in a little bit. After I was done showering he told me to get ready and to put on good walking shoes. A guy was waiting for us down in the hotel lobby. He took us to a truck and we got in the back. I didn’t really know what we were in for. We ended up going to place where you can go on atv/ go-cart thingy tours. We went up a mountain called Mount Luho. On the way up the mountain we saw a lot of wildlife: chickens, dogs, pigs, and monkeys!! Once we got to the top the views were amazing.

Driving the buggy up the mountain.
Driving the buggy up the mountain.

Don asked the guide if we could have a few minutes alone and we stood there…and he was like “Andi, I want to ask you something…” And my mind started racing. He got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked if I would marry him. Of course I said yes! I was so happy, it was amazing. I was in shock…I couldn’t believe it was happening. Afterwards we continued on the tour…took tons of pictures and still felt like none of this was real.




Once we got back to the hotel we ate at an Indian restaurant and then came back to the hotel…exhausted. And I can’t believe we are engaged!