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Arrival in Philippines

We arrived at Incheon Airport (near Seoul) around 4:30 pm. The Korean airport was really nice, so modern and clean looking. We got some food. I had a Subway sandwich and Dr Pepper! Because every time I see Dr Pepper in a foreign country I have to try it. It tasted slightly different, better than the Dr Pepper I had in Greece though.

Our next flight to Manila was at 7:30 pm. This plane was not as big and more cramped. There were hardly any free seats so we had to sit next to someone. This flight was about 4 hours. It felt like 8. We still had tv screens to watch whatever we would like so that was cool. I mostly tried to sleep on this flight but it was impossible. I couldn’t get comfortable. But still…Korean Air way better than Delta…plus this flight was also on time.

We arrived in Manila around 10:30 pm and we got our luggage quickly. Yay, no lost luggage! The process of getting through customs was fast too. It took us forever to find our hotel shuttle connection though. We eventually had to call our hotel because there were so many people and we couldn’t find our guy. We didn’t get to the hotel until around 12:30 am. I was so tired and grumpy. I also wasn’t very impressed with the hotel at the time ahaha.