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Los Banos 88 HotSpring Resort

Today I woke up around 8 and decided to get an early start on relaxing. So I went outside and read for awhile. I am re-reading The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it and it is one of my favorites. I did a little swimming and then got cleaned up to go out to lunch with some of Don’s family.

We went to lunch with Tito Boni and his wife, Tita Doree, Tito Mar and their kids Eunice and Jonas. We ate a very cool looking restaurant. All of the tables were on their own little floating room. I have a picture that can show it better.

The food was good. We just ordered a bunch of dishes and shared them all. When we came back Tito Boni talked to us about our relationship with Jesus. He is a Christian minister and has his own church. It was a good talk.
Then we went out and explored our resort more.

That water slide was very slow! The first time I went on it, it was fast and fun. But then I would always be dragging down it haha. 
Once we were done swimming we decided to go out for dinner. We took a tricycle to a Max’s Restaurant. This time I had a chicken sandwich; it was pretty good. Don ordered breakfast. I then ordered a box of caramels. The way it was described I thought it would be like chocolates and caramel but it was more like a caramel brownie. Still good though.