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My Interview with my Grandfather, Part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with my grandfather, Bonifacio Silvano Arzadon Sr. For part 1 Click Here,

In part 1 we briefly talked about my Grandfather’s service in the military during World War 2. Towards the end of the war my grandfather had been placed in a Japanese concentration camp. He experienced several hardships during this time. When he was finally released from the camp he and his comrades were processed by The Department of Social Work. Call it fate, destiny, or just following the path that God laid out for him. After all he had been through with the war, the woman that was to take down his information and process him along with the other prisoners of war turned out to be the love of his life. My grandmother. He says it was “love at first sight”. In part 2 we discuss his courtship and marriage. Along with his career/employment following the war.


A quote from my cousin RJ:
“You’ve always been there when we needed you…you gave us advice and tried to show us the better path to live our lives…you never showed weakness until the end…

A role model and a hero…

You will forever be missed and always be loved Lolo…!!!”

Bonifacio Silvano Arzadon Sr. – June 5th 1916 – April 3rd 2012.