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So I learned a few things…chicago vs. nyc

When I was living in NYC I mostly took the train, hardly ever the bus. In fact I only took the bus once by myself. Every other time I was with someone. I always thought the buses were more confusing. But here in Chicago I’ve been trying out the buses. The bus stop is closer to our apartment than the train, although the train is not far. Well let’s just get to it, today I took the bus by myself.

I knew where I was going, so I wasn’t scared of getting lost, so I’m just trying to relax and listen to some music. On the way downtown some crazy lady got on the bus and I noticed she was pretty much having a conversation with an invisible person. So then of course I take off the headphones and try to listen in to what she could possibly be talking about to this invisible person so intensely. She’s just crazy man. I can barely hear what she’s saying but it’s all nonsense. It’s like having a conversation with your friend at work and you’re talking about someone at work you don’t like. She’s gossiping to an invisible person. I know she probably has like schizophrenia so whatever…that was my bus ride to downtown.

On my way back home it was even CRAZIER! I walked into a crazy lady having a debate with someone else about racism. And how one person can’t make a difference. It doesn’t matter what she does in life she’s not making a difference. Pretty much she has like 4 strangers listening to her and one woman is getting kinda mad about it. Normally if someone is crazy you should probably just ignore them, but this woman was like asking the crazy lady questions. And not to mess with her, to just argue or prove a point against her. There’s 2 things you should do to crazy people: ignore them or mess with them. Never go along with them hahaha! So the normal lady asked the crazy lady “so what’s your take on God?” So we’ve went from racism to making a difference and then a couple of Obama health care reform comments to now religion. So what’s her take on God?…”Listen we all have earthquakes, hemispheres….atmospheres….” SERIOUSLY…what does that even mean? I suggest using it though. Good quote.

From religion we went to terrorism. How we got to that I don’t know. Crazy lady said something like “A terrorist isn’t someone out in the desert! A terrorist is someone taking money out of my paycheck!” There were many common things that we struggle with every day, that according to this woman were terrorists. Things I never really thought terrorized me, but had me second guessing. Especially when she brought up this one: “A terrorist is when you order an egg-roll and it tastes like fish.”