Thoughts on Depression

So this morning I stumbled across something called TALES OF MERE EXISTENCE. it was awesome. I think i ran into it by searching for this band Behind The Trees. Then that led to depression. Not mine, but others.

I’m not really depressed. I think my version of depressed is just being upset. Although now that i think about it, I kinda get down on myself when there’s nothing to do or I’m being lazy. In the end I think I’m just being lazy, and not depressed. When i watch those videos of kids being “depressed” i think, “Man that kid is Lazy”. There probably is something to say about chemical imbalances and having traumatic life experiences. But then i look at the people who are obviously not depressed, the people who are having a ball with life and are happy, and one thing stands out as a difference between the two types of people. The happy ones are out doing stuff. The depressed ones are taking videos of themselves in their rooms or writing in their journals instead of doing something.

So i say if you are feeling depressed go out and do something. and if you have nothing to do, give me a call and I’ll go do something with you.

Now its time for some Videos!

Tales of Mere existence rocks.

Behind The Trees – The Way She Feels

That’s not writing love… thats like.. cutting.


So I’ve decided to be Konohamaru. I wonder if thats going to work out well for me.

Who knows. I guess I’ll find out.

Today I checked out the Manhattan Mall, first time I’ve been there in quite some time. I dont know if its market differentiation or just plain old new businesses but there were a bunch of new names in there in locations where bigger well known names should have been. My first guess is that these new stores are just clones of other stores with different names. STEVE AND BARRYs for example, looked a lot like a GAP INC clone of some time. What a retarded name too, STEVE AND BARRYS. Maybe they are going after the upper class wannabes who think shopping at a place thats named after someone means you are buying better quality stuff. Mind you, you could have replaced the name with OLD NAVY or GAP, or whatever and it would have been the same selection.

I did buy two shirts there though, $10 each. Not that the name had anything to do with it. It was in that location of the Mall, where a store I was looking for should have been. JC Pennys. You know, that END cap of the mall where you usually find your department stores. Oddly, the Manhattan mall doesn’t have a department store in it anymore. At least I thought it did once. The space was probably traded in for more office space or more diverse store types. Department stores take up a lot of space, and always have the same selection. But I guess thats why they make the big bucks. Although I haven’t checked, I’d bet that department stores have taken a dip in revenue as of late. Though you probably wouldn’t be able to tell looking at any Annual reports. Wouldn’t be surprised if some FASB IAB SFAB or whatever regulations have been tweaked or violated as of late, as far as department stores go.

Anyways, i have to go to chinatown now and find some lamb skin.


AnimeNEXT: my first anime con.

Totally went to my first Anime Convention yesterday. 777. AnimeNExt. It was pretty cool. I always imagine conventions to be really huge. I mean this one was a pretty good size, but I still imagined bigger. Maybe its because of all those car shows and computer conventions I went to when I was little, now those were big (I guess I was little though, and everything is bigger when you’re little). I remember when I went to the BigApple ComicCon a few years back, that con was smaller than I thought it would be too.

But anyways, AnimeNext was pretty cool, and if people i knew went next year, I’d be good to go too.

Took a bunch of pictures, still testing out my new camera. I even brought out my older digital camera and tried to take side by sides with them. Was testing to see which pictures came out better. The newer camera had better shots, but with the higher resolution, digital zooming pixelates the image faster. I could take down the res in photoshop and then zoom digitally, but unless I wanted to see something in the background of a shot, there isn’t much point to it. The 10x optical zoom worked very very well in bright situations, which I was very happy about. But since the optical test was me just taking random pictures of people far away, theres no point in posting those camera test shots.

So this con was cool, and Otakon is suppose to be bigger. So might as well check it out. I may not become a die hard annual con goer, but at least for 2007 I will. I’ve bought pretty much all the anime chotchkies I wish to own, so really this is all about the experience. I did learn of a Dragon Con that is soon approaching. I may have to throw that onto my list. It’s a scificon. And I love that there sci fi, yah’kno’.