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I see it slowly unraveling itself. All the intricate words and weaves that the advertising industry has given itself are slowly falling apart. Ratings used as currency. More than 80% of all the people who use it as currency know that its really worthless. All a big scam to make money. Money over something imagined. Only because it is the best thing that we have to go on. Newspaper companies so huge that they have spent billions of dollars in circulating their articles around the world. And slowly its all falling apart.

This economic downturn is destroying the advertising and marketing facade. Millions of people are loosing their jobs because the upper level crust know just how meaningless they all were to begin with. And now, with technology coming to a point where it is slowly wearing away at that small grasp that advertising still holds on society, all the old ways are becoming more and more unprofitable.

The only people who will emerge victorious in the advertising industry are the ones who are able to move with technology and embrace it, understand it, manipulate it, and use it. Sorry print, you’re just a few more steps away from extinction. Sorry old Television advertiser, you’re about to be outdone by some crazy new interactive web 3.0 advertiser who has a better understanding of the psychological behavior of the new WebConsumer or HybridConsumer. Everything will be connected to the Internet soon. The bubble may have burst in the early days of the web craze, but it has evolved into something completely different. And will continue to evolve. Those who try to stay away are only clinging to the last vestiges of a life style that is no longer as profitable.

We are all outside. But we’re only starting to realize that we are just inside an even bigger box now.