Rainy day asian

Just about 5 minutes ago I was walking from the apartment to the train station in the pouring rain.

As I reached the sidewalk staircase I began to close my umbrella. As I walked closing my umbrella I noticed a cute asian girl doing the same thing. In that single moment if noticing her my fingers slipped off of the canopy closing mechanism on my umbrella allowing the spring inside the metal shaft to shoot the canopy back open.

I was instantaneously red with embarrassment while at the same time, on the inside, laughing my ass off. As the canopy sprung open it launched all the rain on it in the direction of the girl, covering her in a shower of water. She turned to me in shock. All I could say was "I am so sorry, I am so so sorry". Without acknowledgment she just turned and walked down the staircase. As I walked behind her I couldn't help but smile and giggle.

Oh well. Maybe she'll go around and tell people how some Filipino guy got her wet this morning. Give something the office can talk about.


The Giant Gray Haired Monster

I dreamt I was part of a team of … monster… slayers? Maybe slayers, but no slaying actually took place. Andrea was on the team too.

We were in my apartment, except the apartment was huge. No it wasn’t the apartment that was different in size, it was us. We were very tiny. Like the size of mice, maybe smaller. We were on a mission to capture a monster. Only it wasn’t really a monster. It was Lina, our cat. Only thing is, because we were so small, Lina was giant.

We slowly began to hunt for the Giant Gray Haired Lina. While tracking the Giant Cat, we found out that Lina was not the only monster in the apartment. There was also a Giant Black Bat. A good amount of the dream time was spent watching the Giant Gray Haired Lina fight the Giant Black Bat.

The dream ended when we tried to grab on to Lina and ride her like a horse.


Condiment Discrimination.

ok so i was thinking about something the other day…i was thinking about mustard. not just any mustard but YELLOW mustard. back when i lived in illinois, whenever i was at a restaurant…the ketchup would ALWAYS be on the table but you would ALWAYS have to ask for mustard. but when they did finally bring you the mustard it was always yellow regular mustard….

here i have a new dilemma….not only is the mustard missing from the table but now when i ask for it most of the time i’m given a look like…”mustard….?” but then it’s always the spicy mustard they bring. which i guess you can call it dijon. don’t get me wrong i love spicy but this is not what i want!! it’s a completely different taste!!! so i’ve pretty much gone from eating my cheeseburgers with lots of mustard of ketchup to only ketchup…i dont know i just cant get used to the weird taste the spicy mustard gives cheeseburgers and sandwiches.

so at delis i’ve learned to deal with it because i’d rather have spicy mustard than mayo or nothing…but the one place i’ve been able to rely on for my good sandwich with regular mustard fix has been subway. there is nothing better than the way regular mustard makes a ham cheese and pickle sandwich taste…but the other day i went to a different subway than usual…and what was there none of??! YELLOW MUSTARD!! i was like you’ve got to be kidding me! to some this may seem stupid or not a big deal! but just think of something that you crave and then you do not get that is what i’m feeling! why does mustard always get the short end of the stick!? seriously put it out on the table with the ketchup!! and if you are a sandwich place…freaken have all the condiments…you got ketchup, mayo, light mayo, relish, spicy mustard, honey mustard, ranch…and no freak plain old yellow mustard?!?!?!

stop the condiment discrimination! what did the yellow mustard ever do to the east coast?! why is it never good enough to be put on tables all over the country?! i’d like to know answers. but most of all i just need to go on a little rant about something because i havent in a long time!! hahaha

Investigative Dreaming? – 8.16-17

I had a very odd dream last night. Because of the heat, sometime in the night I moved into the living room to sleep in the air conditioning.

Most dreams I have are usually comprised of several story lines that, though are sometimes unrelated, seem to easily flow into each other. Instead of using the words “story line” though, I like to call the different segments of my dreams, “dreamlines”.

The first dreamline that I can recall from last night are really just images, perhaps photographs, that tell a story of a horrific murder of a mother and two children. The mother though, was only kin to one of the children, a daughter. Both were white. The other child was a boy and was black. The photographs showed the three of them brutally beaten and repeatedly stabbed to death. The murderer though was never revealed to me or to my knowledge was ever brought to justice.

From the photographs, the dream moves onto another dreamline that brings me outside of a two story apartment complex. The apartment building resembles an outdoor motel more than it does an apartment. All the doors of the residents face an open air courtyard. The building wraps around the courtyard in a U shape. Maybe its located in California somewhere. It is dusk, and the sunlight seems to be muted by clouds. I find myself standing on the second level walk way. I am holding a video camera and am recording the actions of two people standing outside of an apartment door. I don’t know these two people in real life, but within the dream we are coworkers. Though I don’t believe I completely understand what I am doing or why I am recording them, I continue to do so. It seems that we are looking for a specific apartment but we do not know which one in the building we are looking for.

At this time a third person emerges from the open doorway. There is talking among the three but I can’t hear them. Suddenly the newcomer drops some sort of device on the floor. In my dream memory I see this device as a large spool. Like one that would hold thread, but much larger. As soon as the spool hits the floor it begins to roll down the walk way. Though I don’t understand it, the spool seems as if it is being pulled. As it begins to turn down a corner we all rush after it. I try as hard as I can to keep the rolling spool framed in my camera. Eventually we come up to another apartment door. Quickly someone opens the door and we all walk into the apartment. Now, somehow our party has grown in size. There are now three other members with us making a total of seven. I do not recall personally knowing any of the six people I am with, though I do know that we are a team.

Inside the apartment it is quiet and dimly lit. No lights are turned on as the falling sun outside seems to supply enough light through the windows. I notice that one other person in the group is also carrying a video camera. We are both simply recording the actions of the other members of the group. The apartment is not very large; there is only one level to the apartment. There is a large space in the center of the apartment that makes for the living room and kitchen. It is divided by a see through wooden bookshelf. There is a large opening in the shelf that allows you to see clearly through to the other room. From what I can see, there are three to four doors that lead to other rooms.

I decide to open one of the doors and explore a room by myself. As I enter the room I quickly notice that it is a bedroom. Slowly I pan my camera from one wall to the next. It is around here that the images of the mother and children enter my mind and I realize what we must be investigating their murder. Through I am alone in this room I do not feel afraid nor do I see anything that would give me cause to be.

It is not until I go to rejoin the group in the living room that I witness something peculiar. As I reenter the living room I aim my camera through the shelf into the kitchen. I focus at one of the women in the group. She is checking a closet, perhaps a pantry. As she opens the closet, I notice a mirror hanging on the back of the door. As I begin to focus on the mirror I can see her body reflecting off the mirror but I can also see a male figure behind her. I know instantly that this is not the reflection of someone in my group. The being’s skin is grayed and discolored. Certain parts of his skin are pealing off at random places. Quickly I walk toward the kitchen zooming out to see if the reflection is of someone standing in the kitchen. Though I do not actually see the being standing in the kitchen I do capture yet another reflection in a mirror on the other side of the kitchen. This time it is a woman with similar decaying features. Though through the camera I can see these beings that would normally scare me I am surprising calm though very excited. I do not alert the rest of my group to these images, though it does not seem that I have to as everyone seems to be reacting to the reflections. There is no fear in the room though, only anxiousness curiosity.

In an instant I find myself recording in darkness. Though not complete darkness. There is a figure in the center of my frame. It is a girl, a member of my party. Somehow I know that she is telepathic and I am recording from within her mind. “What do you want?” she asks aloud. A deep male voice replies “How many are you?”. “It is me and six others” She responds. In a flash I am again recording from within the apartment, still focused on the kitchen while standing in the living room. Though this time, as I record the other members in the group I can now see these undead beings standing behind everyone, in the way that I would have expected to see them in the reflection of a mirror.

My breathing beings to quicken as I pan my camera from one undead figure to the next. There are maybe three or four of them now. They all seem to be able to pass through the bodies of my team. Now there is shouting as people begin to react to the beings passing through them. My realization that these being are ghosts seems to be reflected in the reactions of everyone in the room. Though I am surprisingly still focused on recording everything. Then darkness.

Suddenly I am laying on the couch in my apartment. I am tired but awake. I can hear the hum of the air conditioner running behind me. But when I open my eyes, I find myself staring at someone sitting in the black leather chair. It is a man and he is looking back at me. I quickly avert my eyes to the ceiling and then close them shut. When I open them again, I can only see the VCR’s blinking light reflecting off the black leather. I am restless for a few hours before I can get back to sleep.

Khris tore up the livingroon carpet!

I had a dream I was back at my old house in woodhaven. Though it felt like a different city.
My mother was out and it was the weekend. The plan of the day was to have a big gathering. MTG and DnD. It was early and I hadn't expected anyone for awhile. I was in my room folding laundry when I got a knock on my bedroom door. It was this guy Victor. He said that people were already arriving and that I needed to come downstairs to set things up.

I wanted to hold the gathering in the basement but when I got downstairs my friends Khris and Cathy had already moved the furniture around in the livingroom. There were two giant tables next to each other with chairs all around. Khris and Cathy went to the kitchen to start cooking. As I look around I notice a wood frame couch by the window. But when I got close to it I see that its covered with spider web. And there are two huge spiders sitting in the middle of the biggest webs. The thought or removing the web crosses my mind but I decide it would probably be best to leave them alone. It is around this point that I notice that the carpet underneath the gaming table is completely tore up. There are patches of carpet coming off with whole sections showing nothing but hardwood. Just looking at the whole mess I could tell that the cause of it must have been the moving around of the tables. The tables were obviously dragged and not carried over the carpet.

As I leave to go to the kitchen to go confront the furniture movers the fear of what my mother is going to do when she sees the carpet completely phucked up starts to sink in. In the kitchen khris and cathy are chopping up vegetables. I ask them if they moved the tables in the livingroom because I had thought about setting up in the basement. Khris responds with a yes and a comment on how the party would work best in the livingroom. I notice khris does not look me in the eye. I then ask if khris had seen the carpet in the livingroom. He says no, but also looks away from my direction completely. In a calm voice I say to him "you phucked up the carpet didn't you?". He admits to it by saying "maybe". I argue with him for awhile but its not loud or heated. I think I'm too afraid of my mothers wrath to bother with being pissed. The dream ends around here.

When I think about it, I think that if khris really did break something in my mother's house, he'd probably try to cover it up instead of coming clean right from the start. (If he reads this he will probably say something about it being gay)