“why I oughtah’….!” “Seeing your smiling fa… [Photo]”why I oughtah’….!” “Seeing your smiling face at the dining table is our pleasure” Pic: Soho, a few blocks from the Angelika Theatre Special thanks to Mig who pointed out the van.

4 days left! And im gone. Going to move out to Illinois. Taking my memories with me, and a decepticon card Ishan gave me.

Some updates: Went to Roosevelt Mall with Khris sometime this weekend. A few laughs occurred during the day. One in particular was khris bumping into a girl, hitting her boobs and being startled and scared that he just embarrassingly caused a scene. And as he was about to apologize his ass off, he realized he bumped into a female manikin wearing a bathing suit. The look on his face… Like a deer caught in headlights… Followed by the look of relief, as if after haunching up a big one. (refer to previous post for definition of haunching). Another notable point, Khris looking for a pair of Sweatpants. For… working out.. of some sort… only to find a $80 sweat pant followed by various other prices. $70, $50, and $30. So of course we scouted out for the clearance rack. Only to find sizes above XXL. What else would be on the clearance rack? The sweat pant endeavors later found its end, several miles away from the mall in a cheap dollar store called DEE DEE.

Exodus news: Mostly everything is packed in boxes now. Currently im doing my laundry in my house for the last time. Everything seems to be going as planned. A few kinks but im sure they will get straightened out. The great give away is still going on, if anyone has any requests of stuff, or wishes to loot, please email me. I let Grandpa Lucious take care of my video camera, and ishan recently got my original vinyl record of the soundtrack to Transformers the movie. William Mooky asked to take a sword, and if I remember to call him to give it to him, i will.

Exodus Priorities.
1. Get a Job
1a. Get a Job as soon as possible
1b. Get a Job as soon as fucking possible.
2. Get an apartment
2a. Get new car insurance
2b. Get Illinois drivers license and car registered with Illinois Plates
3. Make sure car is drivable after trip
4. Start over. I’ll keep you updated on further developments


when i was a vampire

When i was a vampire, 300 years ago in Transilvania.

I read this once: When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. Chapter 13, verse 11

and this

Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men. Chapter 14, verse 20

yup, still don’t know what it means, but, I’m going to start going now, no time for waste. My time here is short. Just played the longest game of Warcraft III in a long time. Was… a big waste of time. But i think it has once again supported the claim that some people are just going to be better at some things than yourself. So i went and uninstalled the damned thing, and now am going to quit wasting time. Like i said, my time here is short. On earth and in Nyc. At least I want my time in nyc to be short. As short as possible. And every time I hit up a game to kill a half hour. It ends up killing more than that. Most of the time, ALOT MORE time than that. And I cant keep doing this. Its time for me to pack up my things and get going. When I find myself again with the abundance of time, these games will find a place again. Counterstrike, warkraft. and most probably, when it gets released, Starkraft. But now… now is the time for me to quit with the games, and try leaving the next. Become an accomplished something, and live a life of stress, taxes, burden of multiple bills, and most of all, do it with the one i love.

I have a room. Its full of junk and old toys. From Magic Cards to video games, to textbooks i read maybe 1 or 2 chapters in. All of which will be getting sorted out, and moved out. If you have any requests for some things, please feel free to post it in the forum, or email me about it.

Ishan has already laid claim to all my transformers and action figures of value, even made a space for them on his mantle already. These things, although i wish i could keep with me forever, will have to be looked over by Ishan in the mean time. He is… Babysitting. After all, my child will someday have to inherit Optimus Prime and Megatron.

As for MTG,. i don’t know what i want to do with them, i don’t want to sell them. And with my mom thinking of moving to Las Vegas, they wont always have a room to be stored in. Ah well, perhaps they need be sold, like Ishan did many moons ago. Hmmm perhaps, is anyone willing to buy? or maybe become the keeper or caretaker of my menagerie of teenage memories. Every card, with a memory of a moment of laughter or stupidity. Behind the Shivan, nickel Eddie. Behind the Erg Raiders, a “shivering fear”. And behind the “‘Air Elemental’…. …… ….. Well its an air elemental….. What harm can it do? … But if it was a Sera! Ohooooo no… i don’t think so!”.

My possible Future roommate just emailed me, wants to know when im going to be there. Right now, all i can say is Soon. But i hope to give her a definite date in the next few days.


Bird Flu?!

The Bird Flu! … Dagastinos gave me the bird flu! Or wait! … Maybe I just need to go take a dump… (15 minutes later)

False alarm, no bird flu here.

Happy Presidents Day! Organized more crap today, I have a shit load of pay stubs from all my past jobs. I don’t know if I need to keep them, but I guess I wont throw them away till I’m totally sure I don’t need them anymore. My filing cabinet crate thing, is packed. Bunch of stuff, like my high school diploma and all my medical bills from my surgery in 2001, are in it. kinda cool. Haven’t been this organized, in a long time. But I guess that’s because I usually just file my bills next to my monitor in the order that I receive them. And I guess because they are mixed with Chinese food menus and junk mail, I couldn’t really call it “filing”. But anyways, Tuesday and Wednesday are my last days of work! Then its on to something more. As a reader of this site should know, I’m going to be moving to Illinois soon. But what they might not know, is something my mother dropped on me a day or two ago. And that is she plans on moving to Nevada, some time. Las Vegas specifically. LAS VEGAS! I don’t know about that. I mean, my knowledge of Las Vegas may come from only movies and episodes of COPS, but from what I know, its full of drunks, losers, hookers, and pimps. Not to mention the occasional George Clooney and Matt Damon, pulling a heist. But I guess whatever right. Mother doesn’t like the idea of me driving to Illinois alone though.

Note: If anyone in new York is willing to take a drive with me to Illinois, (and then find your way back home) please drop me a line. I may be willing to pay for a percentage of your air fare.

Anyways, just saw on the news that Star Jones was proposed for marriage from her boyfriend. Never though she’d ever get married, Well time to go. Later


Good morning! and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

Just about to have some breakfast. Today is another organizing day. Going to go give mom a talk now though, about moving and driving and all that good stuff that makes her stomach turn. I guess she is all being a worry wart. Its just a simple drive. Plenty of people do it. They did it jeepers Creepers, Texas Chainsaw massacre, and in that wonderful movie House of a 1000 Corpses…. What bad could happen? Seriously I think she is worrying over nothing. But we all know that if I see a “worlds giant ball of string” (Sam & Max) or a “Spalding’s House of Freaks” I might just have to stop in.

Note to Grandpa Lucious: If I stop over in Des Moines, I’ll tell you if Sal was telling the truth.

Gonna go have some Spam now with my parent. KOT

Bliggedy Bliggedy Blog.

Bliggedy Bliggedy Blog.

Shiggidy Shiggidy Shwag.

Its the day before Valentines day. Got my boss some flowers, and the boys in the box office nothing. As it should be. Got me some truffles at home though…. ::drools:: truffles ::drools:: (Thanks Babe). Had the past two days off, and did me some organization shopping. Which kinda means for me that I went to staples and got a bunch of crap that should help me organize my life. or something. Also went out with Val to get my car checked. Got all them crazy fluids replaced. The Oil, it came out of the car as if it were some sort of solid black metal. Strange…. Indeed.

I haven’t gotten around to it but I really do want to format that “album” section of my website. Right now its just a mishmash of pictures I had on my old website. Kinda want to update it but the whole life thing is kinda bogging me down. But hopefully I will get around to updating, and of course updating the rest of this site. Atleast the blog is working. Although i still cant get the response comments thing to work. But until i do, i guess just post on the MsgForum.

Not to drag though. The end is almost very extremely fucking nigh. Been getting into little arguments with the parental unit though. But im sure things will smooth out. Don’t know how to do this whole living on my own thing but IM sure I will figure it out somehow.

that’s all I think.

Currently Downloading episodes of McGyver at home.

Oohh yeah!

Oh and Jack eventually got down on his knees. Forgot to mention that.