out of balance

Today I heard the line, “there is nothing wrong about consumption, its just right now it is out of balance”. I think that was the piece I was missing to my perspective. Lately I’ve been plagued with these thoughts of consumption and how its slowly destroying our lives. And I’ve been looking at consumption as a double edged sword. We need it and yet it will eventually bring about our destruction. Now though, I think it is overconsumption that is the problem. And how consumption has warped the minds of so many people. Consumption as a lifestyle, consumption for the sake of consumption, these are the main problems, not consumption itself. Does that make sense?

Where was I?

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I'm on the bus now just thinking.

I think that there is a reason why each person is born. But it is not as personal as most people would believe. I believe that it is not the individual that has a destiny, but all of mankind. Most people spend there whole life trying to figure out their own lives when they really should be considering how their lives fit into the bigger picture.

If mankind were to be thought of as a single entity then each person becomes a part of a giant whole. Like the cells of our own body, each person functions as part of a giant living organism.

Our reason for being isn't what we accomplish in our lives, it is what we impart on the future of mankind.

I am not trying to lead this thought into a religious ending. Nor am I trying to lead you down a road that finds a certain religion to be right or wrong about creation or life itself. In fact I am trying to reason a Pan-religious theory. An idea about life, that fits across all religions.

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So it rained today.

So lately ive been dealing with this change the world desire. This stems from the idea that we all have a purpose. Well actually its a bit more complicated than that.

I've been playing around with the idea that humans have a purpose. That we all exist for a reason. The reason however is not a singular or individual thing. You see most people try to figure out what their purpose in life is. If they find it then good for them, but if they don't find it they either give up on it or kill themselves in a mindless rage of pointlessness. I think when you look at your life as a singular thing. That is, your reason for being alive only effects yourself, then you'll never see a point.

There are also some who don't care. Somewhere along the way they heard the line "life is about living" and they adopted a lifestyle that was purely about experiencing as much fun as possible before they die. We're only on this earth for a finite period of time and therefore that means keep the party going cause it'll end any minute. I think that's crap. I think that there is more to life than just life. And this pleasure seeking lifestyle is working against us.

So thankful for my bug alarm.

so the other night I was sleeping, but I must not have been in a deep sleep because when Lina jumped off of my leg and meowed I woke up.  By the sound of her meow I knew that there was some sort of bug in the room.  It’s weird, I know, but she does this weird meow when she sees any kind of bug.  So then I’m freaking out because it’s probably a spider.   I looked over at the wall she was looking at and see this thing run across the wall…now it’s dark and I don’t have my glasses on yet at this point, so this thing has to be big because I’m blind.

So then I get up, get my glasses, and turn on the light and see this giant house centipede running along the wall.  I’m relieved it’s not a spider but I still don’t want this thing running around the bedroom.  So I’m trying to be quiet so I don’t wake up Don and I see my chance and I grabbed my shoe and attempted to kill it.  But it was fast and it moved up the wall and I couldn’t reach it.  At this point, I was getting tired and it seemed like this thing was just going to stay on the ceiling so I decided to get in bed.  I’m worried though because what if this centipede comes into the bed?  I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about, but these things are fast and they are just kinda freaky.  So I bring the covers up to my neck and hope it stays on the ceiling.

Then the heat comes on and with all the covers “protecting” me from the centipede I’m getting freaken hot and uncomfortable.  Then I heard Lina meow and hit the floor with her paws…so now I’m assuming she has caught this thing so I bring the covers down and try to get back to sleep.  I think by now like an hour has passed.  But now I had to pee so I got up and saw that the centipede was back on the ceiling.  I couldn’t believe she hadn’t caught it by now, but I’m tired of chasing this thing so I get in bed.

I’m almost asleep when Lina jumped on me and meowed……I’m freaken out…where’s the centipede?!  She’s looking at the wall next to the head of the bed and I can see the centipede coming down!!  It’s coming for me.  I grabbed my shoe again and finally killed it.  After about 2 hours of off and on again sleeping and worrying about this house centipede it is dead!

Tonight I was making dinner and heard the bug meow and there’s another freaken house centipede in the kitchen.  It’s a smaller one like a baby.  Do I have some sort of infestation?!  I  looked this bug up online and it seems they are harmless and they eat a ton of other bugs, including spiders.  Which is good I guess, but I really don’t want them in bed with me.