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What dreams may come

Dreaming on the Dock of the Bay

6-25-2016 6:15am

Just woke up from a crazy dream. Needed to write it down.

So Andrea and I are in the Fiesta and we are driving around some unknown city. It must have been during a road trip. There is a storm coming in and we are trying to figure out how to get back on the road and on our way home. There is a sense of us needing to get the heck out of the city and fast. As we are driving none of our GPS devices are working so we are just trying to go by instinct. We end up on what feels like a ramp bridge to cross a body of water – but it ends up to turn into a dead end pier to the water. Above us are bridges that seem to go over the body of water – we are just stuck underneath them.

Unfortunately we are not the only ones that went down the dock so there a few cars behind us as well….

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So there was a group of us and we were on the road. We stopped at a place we could camp. The people running the campsite checked all of our stuff. We were finally able to set up our tent and it ended up being connected to a building. Not sure what was in the building really.

Later we were all in a room and there was a giant black snake. It kept biting us. It would just latch down and it was so painful! The snake would hide somewhere but always come back out to bite us. It would go in a fridge but it would just come out and bite us.

Eventually we just left.

Basketball and Starcraft

Had an odd dream last night. I dreamt I was playing street basketball at some park. Kinda odd. I don’t actually do that. Last time I played basketball was probably more than 10 years ago. Sure I’ve shot a few hoops but actually played played with teams and points; probably more like 17 years ago.

There was another part to my dream. I think it was more in my waking dream. I remember waking up at 2:20am, so I think there were some moments of lucidity. I was organizing objects into groups. Not sure what they were. They kinda feel like Starcraft terran units. But I really can’t remember. I just remember waking up at 6am feeling confused about what I just dreamt about.

Anyways, Heart of the Swarm came out today at 3am. Maybe I should have called in sick today.

I know u shouldn’t have, but I played the first mission while getting ready for work. And yeah, now I’m probably going to be late getting into the office. I’m on the bus now though.

The game looks good. Can’t wait to mess around with the new units. There’s some sick things now availavle for the Zerg.

For the Swarm!

Dreaming of Highschool and Theater productions

So last night I had an odd dream.

Let’s see if I can remember the detail.

So the main part of the dream that I remember the most was where I decided to cross dress as an old lady; but that came later. The first part of the dream was me in some sort of post apocalyptic survival scenario.

I remember in the dream there being this abandoned factory like area. I was part of a group of survivors that was just hiding out. I’m not sure if it was aliens or zombies that had caused this post apocalyptic scenario, but there we were. I can’t remember if my wife was there, but I was running around trying to protect everyone. We were being attacked by survivor bandits. You’ve seen their kind in the movies, they steal and beat up other survivors even though the real enemy oppresses all. I had grabbed two folding knifes that were just lying there on the floor. I guess I decided that I’d be able to duel wield folding knives in some Dungeons and Dragons Rogueish attempt to protect my people. In chasing some bandits and cutting one of them I found myself guiding some survivors into a freight elevator.

We closed the doors and took the freight elevator up. I guess the idea of taking an elevator reminded me of my high school’s elevators. (I went to a big High School, we had about 4 to 6 elevators in a 10 floor building.)

When I got out of the elevator I had forgotten about the survivor bandits and lost the folding knives. I was late to class and we had a group presentation. I don’t recall knowing anyone in my group, but we had a list of dialogue that we were going to read and act out in front of the class in some sort of English literature skit.

My group members handed me my dialogue and told me to hurry up and get ready. Everyone went into the classroom while I was left in the hallway. In the hallway (which was very narrow) were several garment racks with all sorts of costumes. When I peered through the classroom doorway I saw several students sitting in the front in full Elizabethan period costumes. Thinking to myself, that I was way behind and had to get on a costume immediately I scoured the racks as fast as I could. Unfortunately, everything I found was like 10 sizes too small. As if everything was made for skinny female actors. Thinking off the cuff and knowing nothing I would find on the racks would fit me right, I decided to go with a haggered old wench layered in several undersized blouses and dresses that I essentially wore as capes. I layered just enough clothing to make the outfit look exactly how you’d imagine a haggered old wench in the Elizabethan era would look. Somehow this choice of costume was perfect for my group presentation. (Now that I think about it, I think I was going for that Junk goblin look, you know the one in the Labyrinth.)

Finally, with my costume complete, I walked to the classroom doorway waiting for my group to be called. But as I stood there waiting for my turn to get on stage I heard the teacher say allowed “OK class that’s all the time we have today for presentations. Sorry to everyone who could not do their skits. This won’t be counted against you as your individual research papers were really the main part of this exercise. Please make sure your papers are all on my desk before you leave.

And my dream thus ended with that parting throught “Fuck, I forgot to do my research paper!”

Dreaming in Horrorvision

So a few days ago I had a pretty goretastic dream. I should have wrote about it then, but I kept forgetting to do it. And since so much time has passed since the dream I’ve pretty much forgotten most of it save for the bits that stick out in my memory.

A few months ago I read a book called Urban Gothic by Brian Keene. If you’ve read it, then you have an idea what kind of dream I had. If not, then lets say the dream was a bit House of a 1000 Corpses, meets Texas Chainsaw, with a bit of Hills Have Eyes. (I know you may think those are all the same movie, but yeah)

Like I said I don’t remember much, but this is what I do remember.

Andrea and I are trapped in some dark rundown house. Not sure what city we’re in. We are being chased around the house by about 4 people. These people are the ugly, mutant looking, homicidal types. Three of them are men, and one of them is a nasty white haired hunched over old woman. She is the Mother of the three men.

The mutant people are chasing us through this house from room to room. We get to this one room where I find what seems to be a thick tree branch. One end has been cut to a spiked point. The crazy lady chases us into the room yelling for her sons to follow her attack. Without giving it much thought, I lunge at the crazy lady and stab the branch spear into her gut. As I’m attacking her she threatens us by telling us that there are more of them. It’s not just the four of them. She goes on to tell us the entire neighborhood is full of her crazy people. And that there is no escape. They will get us. I repeat my attacks, and at some point find myself behind her stabbing into her spine.

This whole part is extremely gorey.

Suddenly, as I am repeatedly stabbing the crazy lady, one of the mutant guys comes up behind me a yells and attacks me. He yells out the word “PEBKAC!”. I quickly turn around shoving him off with the branch/spear and promptly wake up.

Well that’s all I remember about that.

For awhile I had forgotten what the word was, but I remember waking up and thinking that word that he screamed out was actually some weird techy term. Only now did I remember that it was PEBKAC. A quick googling yielded this: slang in technical circles with potentially derogatory meaning “Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair”. Odd thing to use as a battle cry.


And now for some random clips of cinema gore.


WARNING the following video clip is TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Click More for video clip.