And Isn’t It Ironic?

so earlier today i was having a lazy day playing some playstation, more specifically little big planet. if you know anything about this game it is addictive and quite annoying. but can be fun and i like to beat levels because somewhere in my mind i feel like i’m doing something productive….

well before i started playing it asked me to do a system update because otherwise the online part of the game wouldn’t work…and i mean the online part isn’t a huge deal but i thought what heck. so decided to do the system update that i had been ignoring for weeks.

i did the update. played for about an hour, became very frustrated because i kept dying. and turned it off and went and did other stuff. i had posted a status saying “little big planet made me want to break my ps3”.

then about 730 tonight i decided to turn the playstation back on…and it said that it was corrupt and had to reboot the playstation using the default settings. in my mind this isn’t really sinking in as to what was happening…i’m just going through the motions of resetting it. then i realize that it’s like my profile was gone. and my two most important games will not load (little big planet and resident evil 5). lbp loaded to an extent but kept saying something about trophies will not work. RE5 was totally gone. but when i looked in my saved files all my games were still there but for some reason the ps3 just couldnt read the files anymore. don and i were thinking it was because my username had been wiped out completely.

so we looked online and tons of other people have had this problem. and it looks like it’s linked to updating the ps3. and about the only way to fix it so far is to start all over, meaning losing everything you’ve saved.

and you don’t understand…..we have played countless hours of RE5. and it’s weird because we beat the game months ago and just recently decided to pick it back up and play some of the bonus levels. we have upgraded all the weapons we wanted…had infinite ammo…that means having to beat the game multiple times…there’s still a few things we were working on…and now to have that all taken away because for some reason the ps3 cant read our save filed anymore…….it’s more than frustrating.

after about an hour of trying to read online and think of what to do. don comes up with the idea that if the problem has to do with the ps3 trying to download info to play the game then maybe just unplugging the internet from the ps3 and playing it just like that…just maybe our problem would be fixed. i had little hope this would work…because it seemed like such a simple solution…and everyone online was talking about having to get a new hard drive, having to reformat the ps3…losing everything and starting from scratch.

so here were our options: not play resident evil or little big planet until sony could figure out what they effed up in the last update and fix it in the next update….reformat the ps3 and start over or try it without the internet. and so we unplugged the internet…and just like that all of our pretty weapons in resident evil were there…all of our accomplishments were there!! it was amazing…there seems to be some issues still with little big planet but it is still playable and i don’t have to start over. so hopefully the issue gets solved so we can get back online….but i’m just soooooo thankful we didn’t lose everything! hahah i know, sounds so stupid and dorky…but the game is awesome..

i’m starting to have a weird feeling though…it’s that feeling you get when things just keep going wrong…it’s like a cycle. yesterday my car broke down…today the ps3…and then right before i went to bed i went to the kitchen…turned on the light and it burned out immediately. i know, small problem, but still just adds on. so things come in threes or something like that…so 3 things breaking but fixed…please let my monday not be so bad. hahaha

New Music.

I’ve been listening to some new music and thought I’d share some of my thoughts on it…

I liked Cartel’s first release “Chroma” but I was really letdown by their second…so let down that I didn’t think I’d bother with them anymore. But I’m glad I did because their new album Cycles is really good. It sounds more like their first album and it’s fun to listen to.

Dashboard Confessional-Alter the Ending
I was sooo happy to see that Dashboard provided an acoustic version of every song on this album. I like them so much better with just Chris and the guitar. I don’t really feel like they have had a good album since “A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar”. Even that release wasn’t that great…but their new one is pretty good. I would definitely check it out.

Flyleaf-Memento Mori
I’ve known about Flyleaf for probably 2 years or more and I still can’t form a consistent opinion about this band…one minute I like them…the next I think they are boring. I found it hard to listen to their first album from beginning to end because I would get bored, but I did like some of the songs a lot. And with their new release nothing much really changes for me. I like their harder songs better and was disappointed to hear that the new album really lacked anything like songs “So Sick” and the other one…forget the name. But I do like the album…and for the most part I think if you really liked the first one you won’t be disappointed with the second one.

I’ve really been into Brendan Benson lately also…He’s really good. And I can’t stop listening to Brand New’s album Daisy…! Even though I’m not in love with it like their previous stuff, it’s still good….so that’s it…bored and listening to music…thought I’d share what’s in my playlist lately.