It’s been awhile since I last confessed.

I’ve been busy I suppose. Mentally dejected from wanting to think about what I was thinking about. But I thought today would be a good day to think about my thinking.

I finally got myself an EEEpc. It’s the 1005HA model. Straight off the first shipment. I’m not usually an early adopter of tech, but I’ve been thinking about this for so long that I just needed to have it.

And now that I do, I’d have to say that I am pleasantly satisfied with the purchase.

Its so sleek and light. It’s not a huge improvement over Andrea’s 1000HA but it’s exactly what I wanted. Once I get my novels transferred onto a thumb drive, I will start working on them all the time. I think my biggest problem with story writing is having to do it in front of my computer in my room. Can’t be inspired by staring at my tiny bedroom with clothes strewn about. If I don’t pump out at least one short story every 1-2 weeks I will be very upset with myself. This puppy has to earn me either money or experience to make it a justified purchase.

In other news…

Andrea’s parents are going to be in town this week. It’ll be interesting having them here. I hope I will be able to spend enough time with them. I want to take them out to dinner at least once or twice. I really hope they have a good time and get to see New York from a relaxed tourist point of view. I find that running around NYC going from one tourist trap to another can sometimes be exhausting. Hopefully they can do a lot and not be wiped out by the end of the trip. There’s a beach day and BBQ planned somewhere in the mix so maybe that will be a good contrast to the whole crazyness.

Hmmmm I think I need a new bag for this EEE….



I had a wierd dream last night.

Khris, you and I were business partners in something. In the dream we were scheduled to have this big meeting. It was a pitch we had to give. We were pitchmen. You were the lead.

The office was some fancy place with celebrity photos on the walls. In the meeting there were a bunch of stone cold suits. One of them, the head honcho was a celebrity himself. Though I don't remember which one.

I don't remember what our pitch was for though. Thinking back, it was most likely for a movie deal. Your part was selling the big idea. My part was about merchandising and how the big idea was going to make money in the long run.

When we were done with the meeting we both felt positive about the whole thing. The dream ended sometime after that.

The wierd part of it all, was that it felt real. Like one of those precognition dreams. A psychic dream that will eventually come true.

I wonder if on that day, I will have a strong feeling of deja vu.