–1.22.2004 —

On the way out. Been living my whole life in New York City. And finally after those 22 years, I am going to be leaving my hometown of Woodhaven, and going out to not only a different city, but a different state. Plans are being set, dates are getting scheduled. And soon I’ll be on that highway on my way to Illinois.The new resume has finally been completed. updated from my Office Manager / Asst. to General Manager job. And all that good stuff about my Bachelors degree in Marketing Management and Advertising. People been with it, some against it. But its a change that I believe I need. A change that I’m anxious about and have been looking forward to for quite some time.


— Somtime in 2003 —

— Somtime in 2003 —

Everything under construction.
My Old site can be found by clicking this DANTES INFERNO

Tell me what you think of the Header “error42” pic, Message me or mail me dante@error42.net [E-mail]I haven’t had a website in such a long time. Ever since I lost my last IP i kinda forgot about the site because I couldn’t find any webspace to host my pics. Or at least i was too lazy to look for a place. I’m not too sure how this site is going to eventually work out. For now though im just going to turn it into a blog about the pictures i take and stuff like that. No big FLASHy things, Just maybe a few personal rants here and there and some graphic work I’ll doddle with on the free time. I suppose the main of this site are going to be the DIGI-WORK and the ALBUM pages. So check them out when i get them up and running.

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