“why I oughtah’….!” “Seeing your smiling fa… [Photo]”why I oughtah’….!” “Seeing your smiling face at the dining table is our pleasure” Pic: Soho, a few blocks from the Angelika Theatre Special thanks to Mig who pointed out the van.

4 days left! And im gone. Going to move out to Illinois. Taking my memories with me, and a decepticon card Ishan gave me.

Some updates: Went to Roosevelt Mall with Khris sometime this weekend. A few laughs occurred during the day. One in particular was khris bumping into a girl, hitting her boobs and being startled and scared that he just embarrassingly caused a scene. And as he was about to apologize his ass off, he realized he bumped into a female manikin wearing a bathing suit. The look on his face… Like a deer caught in headlights… Followed by the look of relief, as if after haunching up a big one. (refer to previous post for definition of haunching). Another notable point, Khris looking for a pair of Sweatpants. For… working out.. of some sort… only to find a $80 sweat pant followed by various other prices. $70, $50, and $30. So of course we scouted out for the clearance rack. Only to find sizes above XXL. What else would be on the clearance rack? The sweat pant endeavors later found its end, several miles away from the mall in a cheap dollar store called DEE DEE.

Exodus news: Mostly everything is packed in boxes now. Currently im doing my laundry in my house for the last time. Everything seems to be going as planned. A few kinks but im sure they will get straightened out. The great give away is still going on, if anyone has any requests of stuff, or wishes to loot, please email me. I let Grandpa Lucious take care of my video camera, and ishan recently got my original vinyl record of the soundtrack to Transformers the movie. William Mooky asked to take a sword, and if I remember to call him to give it to him, i will.

Exodus Priorities.
1. Get a Job
1a. Get a Job as soon as possible
1b. Get a Job as soon as fucking possible.
2. Get an apartment
2a. Get new car insurance
2b. Get Illinois drivers license and car registered with Illinois Plates
3. Make sure car is drivable after trip
4. Start over. I’ll keep you updated on further developments


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