I had a dream last night

I had a dream last night. There was a city, and i … I had a dream last night. There was a city, and i was able to fly, or atleast jump and float for awhile. The city was about to be flooded by a huge tsunami. I was flying infront of it trying to get away. Eventually I got to a part where i guess the water went calm and there was just land and the edge of a city. Then suddenly Morpheus was there and so was a sentinal. Only Morpheus wasnt Lawrence Fishburn, it was Samuel L Jackson. I also tried to avoid the sentinal. Apparently, my body was kinda like the T1000 liquid steal body, and i could let part of my body come off of me. I ran away from it into this resturant/bowling alley. The waitress thought i was running from the cops, so she hid me under the counter. Eventually the sentinal became a Terminator (The Schwarzenegger type), who sat outside the bowling alley waiting for me. I tried to escape by going under the building. So i was trying to find my way through the foundation of the building which allowed for about 2 feet high crawling space. I think just as i was about to leave the area, i woke up. I wanted to see what happened next, but i guess i remembered i had to go to work, so i didnt bother trying to “re-dream”. Good-times

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