my first crack at job and apartment hunting

Well today is Monday and my first crack at job and apartment hunting. Got 2 very good apartments. I think to kill the burden of finding one I’m just going to stick with these two. Dependent upon what job and how much I’m earning will decide which apartment i choose. To give you a quick over view. One is completely empty cept for some tables and beds, that wont cost much, but there is some maintenance involved (No roommates/or roommates in the future if i want). The other is a 2 bedroom apartment with this good looking girl. She is a manager at a Taco Bell. She has the really nice apartment, but no bed, or anything in the room i would be using. No biggie. If i can get a job that will give me over 400 a week, ill take hers. (heck 300).

Speaking of Jobs
Well went out and got an interview with this company called Owens Nursery. First job of the day, first day of job hunting. and they gave it to me. The catch… I don’t think i want it. Going to keep looking in the mean time. Micheal described the job rather well by saying its a “Its a version of the Hub Connection, only in a third world country”. Call center, taking orders and stuff, cept no Internet access, and basically non-stop phone calls. I mean i can handle it. But its paying only 8/per. And well to be honest, thats not nearly enough cheddah fo dis playa.
Handed in some applications today. And a few other jobs i went to said the positions where already filled. So oh well. First up at bat for the day and i got a single. The rest were strikes, and one walk. Going to try to hook up with some other companies i saw while driving around. For one, State Farm Insurance.

The Car
Its been making this weird skipping while I’m driving. Slow. Like in parking lots. Don’t know what its about, but I’m going to go see either a mech or a dealer tomorrow. Cant risk not having a car. Out here, I can only survive with it.

Things although not too great, seem pretty good. The fact that i CAN get a job, albeit a craptacular one (to quote Mig), is kinda of good news for me. I know i can always rely on it if i need it. And after seeing all these corporate offices while driving around, I have a new level of job ground to cover. Up until this morning, its all been Classified ads. Tomorrow, is going to be all Human Resource departments.

Well Thats about it for now. Going to help Andrea beat Vice City. She is addicted to Resident Evil, but, that game scares me. I don’t know how she can do it, she likes to play in the dark.

Grandpa and me couldn’t even play tomb raider alone when we were kids. . . eh, I’m still a kid.


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