Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention. I’ve been having this bad case of De ja’vu lately. Almost every other day I will do something, or there will be a moment where I feel that what I’m doing right then, I have had a dream about already in the past.

Today when I was signing the lease, being in the office wasn’t triggering anything. But the moment the leasing agent slid the lease on the table towards me, it triggered a memory of the exact room and people in it, that I had had in a dream. In the dream I was signing for an apartment, but didn’t have enough money to pay, so everyone in the room started to laugh at me and I had to run out of the office. When I was triggered of that memory from a dream, I suddenly felt a little self conscience, as if something was about to happen that would make me want to run out of the room, or at least something that would make everyone in the office laugh at me. Even had that emotional switch go off which made me very uncomfortable. I quickly though shook it off and proceeded with what I had to do.

Its weird. I am seriously beginning to wonder if I , or if people in general, have the ability to dream about the future. Of course this line of thought could lead into bigger discussions of reality. Hmmmm I think I will lay in bed staring out the window and ponder this thought.


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