my place

508 w Hill st, APT# 2
Champaign, IL 61820

There it is, thats my place. Going to be my place for 12 months. So send me mail! NoW! Beyotch!

Its sweet. there will be pictures eventually. Im updating from andrea’s house right now. As i probably will be doing for awhile now. I know since i changed this website to password protected that there arent going to be many people frequenting it from outside my friend pool. But feel free to tell your friends about it. And as long as they dont work for my company, you can let them in on the name and all. I don’t mind.

Don’t really know how necessary it is for me to make a password for the site, but whatever, im to lazy to change it now.

Anyways. thats about that.

Oh i had a dream that it was the morning of finals, and i totaly didnt read or study anything.

i woke up scared … really scared. ..

KOT i know i am.

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