I was in a bunker

I was in a bunker. Yesterday around 3pm while at work and on break, we were talking about how weather. and how I am a little fearful of tornados. Being I’m on the north peak or tornado ally, I will most likely get to experience one sometime. Anyways we notice that it is really nasty looking outside. Someone in the break room mentions that they were on the phone with a client who had just spoken to our major competitor which happens to be in the same city, and that competitor a few minutes ago just went into their shelters. Which was weird cause you’d think if one business was doing it then other businesses should do it as well. well… 2 minutes after this news was talked about, we heard the tornado sirens go off. 10 seconds after that, a broadcast over the PA for us to go to our designated tornado shelters. Which I thought was a little crazy. The department floor cleared out in like seconds. And everyone was crammed into a few rooms and bunkers. It lasted for about 30 minutes. After which we went back to work….

of course 10 minutes in being back to our seats, another PA announcement comes on telling us to go back to our shelters.

Eventually while in the shelter, my time is up for the day, and I got a movie to go see. Had plans to go see anchorman with Andrea and some friends. So I get a little itchy to get the heck out of there. But I’ve never been in a tornado shelter before nor have I ever had to worry about there being a tornado outside. Some people made light of my inquiries while in the shelter. “Like is this normal” … “What happens next”… yadda yadda.

I eventually say I got to go and make a break for my car. The sky when I leave the building is amazingly beautifully clear. I can see blue sky and very few clouds. … Then when I turned around… Nothing but black… Lightning …. And what would seem to me to be the worst looking storm I have ever seen over a city. … I then decided to turn around because the view was much better with all that behind me.

Things are going okay. I finally got Cable Modem, so I can now check email and make purchases again. Bought something yesterday from NewEgg.com. don’t know if this good or bad. Rent got paid and bank account looks alright. Hopefully it will look better next pay day.

I have taken pictures of the new apartment and things and will be posting them up when I get the chance. Doing editing jobs and web stuff is a little difficult when doing it on a laptop. Kinda get frustrated at little things, like the size of keyboard and lack of speed, er its an old laptop.

Anyways time to go to work and make some money


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