my first Insurance class

Today, I went to my first Insurance class. I have 2 more to go to. 9 to 5 Mon, Tue, and Wednesday. Then an exam next Monday. And then another exam when I choose to take it. Basically this is for my New York State License to be an Insurance Agent.

Why am I doing this? Well its an opportunity that has been put before me by a reputable company. Unlike that “other” company that I once affiliated myself with 4 to 5 years ago. Will I pursue a career in Insurance and Financial Planning? I don’t know. I once considered it during college, but never did anything about it. Most likely due to my concentration in marketing courses. Sure I am more of a marketing minded person, but the opportunity was put before me to try something different on someone else’s buck.

Marketing vs Sales. If you asked me a few months ago if I wanted to be in sales, I would have replied with, “I want to try something different”. Now, though, I’ve realized that it wasn’t sales that I had the problem with, it was the lack of rewards for my efforts. After examining sales positions in other markets and industries I realized that the type of effort and commitment I can put into sales is worth a lot more than what I was previously being paid. There wasn’t anything wrong with the relationship building or the selling. It was the fact that no matter how much effort I put in it. Whether I destroyed my quotas or just made them by a $1, my income was barely affected. I remember getting upset at the fact that someone who works 9 to 5 at Best Buy could have earned what I did, or even more.

For that and other reasons, I’m here. I’m looking for a job in marketing. Training for a career in insurance. And studying to pass the GMAT to attempt my MBA.

Back to that class:
So I seriously can’t believe the things some people still do or feel is permissible to do, especially in a business setting. Sure, I was sleepy. I was getting tired and was about ready to pass out during the class. It didn’t help that I developed studying habits in college that allowed me to sleep in lectures and still maintain 85 to 95 averages. But I did what I had to do to keep myself awake. (i.e. Taking the heal of my shoe and digging it or jabbing it into my shin. Sure it hurt but it kept me awake) At least 3 people, all of where were men, had fallen asleep. Now I’d understand if it was in college, but it wasn’t. This was a class being taught by a member of the same management team that was considering hiring you. In my opinion, if you can’t compose yourself to stay awake during this, then maybe you aren’t ready for a job/career yet.

Anyways tonight I plan on preparing myself for tomorrows endurance run. More sleep, more caffeine, and maybe a thumbtack in the shoe to keep me alert.

Anyways, I better get to studying.

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