So this morning I got confirmation that the contract I faxed last night was received. So I suppose its official. Being that the contract was signed. I HAVE A JOB!

Yay yay yay. To commemorate the event, I deleted all my online job resumes. I’m tired of getting emails and phone calls regarding the army or some sort of pyramid job scheme. The job that I finally got hired for I found on my own through a business forum. Not even a resume distributor!

I should celebrate some other way, but not to sure if I’m all for that. I mean technically I am still living off the last of my savings! Which has dwindled to a very low amount. Hmmm perhaps on Monday I should open a new account. hmm yeah. I can use the bank that happens to be right across from my new job.

Hmmm now that I think about it, I should probably think about budgeting myself out for the next 4 months. That way my first paychecks get used wisely. I have a feeling that if i don’t do this, then I’ll just end up spending without thought.

Hmmm I suppose I could at least go bowling or something.


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