The arch

The arch

The overall arch

Lesheach the planeswalker ice age
Turns lim dul the necromancer into a satyr

Tevesh tzat

The planes walker leshrac wants to free limdul from his prison. Limdul was hidden on a manaless plane and he needed a powerful mana well to force a portal to his plane open. All it took was a rift big enough for his soul.

With the promise of restored power limdul will help leshrac conquer azeroth

The lich king and arthas are not allies with limdul. But the human leaders of theramore do not believe that.

Ultimately it will be a battle of all of azeroth against limdul.

Leshrac will fight against dakkon. Who’s blackblade is given back to him. His powers as a plainswalker fully restored. It is dakkon who will help them.

Quest search for the blackblade. Leshrac gave it to a mortal human

There will be twists our heroes will be tricked by leshrac thinking they are rescueing the elf sister. They will travel through the portal and destroy the crystal as leshrac holds off the elf sister. Leshrac tells them to go through and use a hammer given to the dwarf to

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