Orphan Dreams

I had a dream

I dreamt of an orphanage. But not one I've seen before. This one was in the future. The children were kept in shackles. I was an orphan. The minds of all the orphans had been so warped that most had absolutely no desire to leave.

Most of the older children had their shackles connected to metal lines that littered the cielings of the entire building. This restricted where they could go and how far they could travel. The younger children who's shackles could not reach the lines just had the older kids hold their chains. So broken where these younger children that even though they were not even connected to the grid and potentially had the best potential for escape the thought wasn't even in the reahlm of possibilities for them.

Guided in a single marching line we were all hearded into a big room with many individual tables. Although the tables could sit four, we were separated to one per table. Although I knew or at least had a sense that I did not belong, I understood completely what was going on. Today we were all going to interview with potential parents.

I sat at a table. A quietly waited. I don't know if they had been removed or if I even ever had them on at all but I was not shackled at this point. Eventually a couple sat down at my table. They were probably in their mid 30s or 40s. They had a midwest kinda feel to them. Or at least a country side feel. they were kind and asked me to tell them about myself. I oddly began with my high school. I said I studied engineering, which was partially true. It was an "interview" afterall. Then I went on to descibe my studies in college, and how I went from toy salesmen to marketing research.

As I tell my story I slowly come to the realization that I shouldn't be here. I'm no orphan why am I interviewing for a new family. I stand up and I run over to the headmaster or whatever they are called in an orphanage. When I reach her it turns out to be Maria, my current boss. Knowing that I'm in the future I ask her what happened. What year is it. I ask her to tell me what has happened in the years between now and 2008. I don't remember much of what was actually said to me except for the fact that she said that my two dogs died. I replied saying "my two dogs, I have two dogs" after which I begin to cry. Not uncontrollably but certainly with a lot of tears.

The dream ends around here.

while in the shower I started to think how crazy I must have sounded to that old couple. Then I wondered. What if it wasn't an orphanage. What if it was some insane asylum. What if this is the dream. What if I'm really some crazy person in some looney bin dreaming about living this life…..


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