A Boy Named Goo

The only bit I can remember from last night's dream was fairly short compared to the rest of the dream.

I dreamed that I was in an auditorium. I don't know if it was a high school or a university auditorium. I was sitting pretty much in the center surrounded by other students. The place was packed; every seat filled. I don't think I knew anyone near me.

Apparently the reason we were in the auditorium was for a Goo Goo Dolls concert. I could hear the bland playing a song. I can't remember the song right now but ill try to look it up later. The problem though was that even though the band had already started playing, the curtain was still down. On the front of the curtain was some sort of flexible big screen. With the curtain down and the band playing people started getting mad, yelling at the stage. Even I started yelling for them to at least turn on the big screen so we could see something.

There was more I'm sure but this is all I remember.



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