ok so i’m bored. there’s stuff i should probably be doing but i’m not. i tried to go shopping today for some clothes but it was rainy and shitty….i need to do some shopping!!!! in 2 weeks mary will be here and were gonna go out and have crazy times and i want some new clothes to do that in haha!!! i wish i could just hire someone to go shopping for me though cause i really hate it…so anyone? i’d pay you. hahaha it wont be much but seriously i hate shopping.

taking back sunday posted their new album on their myspace. i wanna listen to it but then i also wanna wait til it’s released…so i listened to a few songs that i havent heard yet. so far i can’t really judge or review it much but i think it should be pretty good…i hate saying i miss the old tbs cause i know a band cant stay the same but i just feel an intensity from them anymore. the reason i fell in love with them was their lyrics…and their sound and now i’m not so sure what that sound is and the lyrics have really lacked on the last album…so i dont know i havent had the chance to hear the lyrics much on the new one but i dont know. i also noticed they aren’t using the dual vocals that were used to hearing…..grrr

so i noticed something in the past few weeks when i was driving home….like driving isnt so bad on monday, tuesday, wednesday….but then comes thursday and it’s like all the crazy people came out to drive! and friday is even worse! it’s like the lanes are all backed up…people are running red lights…pulling out in front of me…even the pedestrians get crazier! they just walk out in front of you like you’re not there. seriously what’s going on that it gets so much crazier!! in the beginning of the week it takes maybe 15 min to get home then as it gets to thursday it can take anywhere from 20 to 40! come on people!

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