I had a wierd dream last night.

Khris, you and I were business partners in something. In the dream we were scheduled to have this big meeting. It was a pitch we had to give. We were pitchmen. You were the lead.

The office was some fancy place with celebrity photos on the walls. In the meeting there were a bunch of stone cold suits. One of them, the head honcho was a celebrity himself. Though I don't remember which one.

I don't remember what our pitch was for though. Thinking back, it was most likely for a movie deal. Your part was selling the big idea. My part was about merchandising and how the big idea was going to make money in the long run.

When we were done with the meeting we both felt positive about the whole thing. The dream ended sometime after that.

The wierd part of it all, was that it felt real. Like one of those precognition dreams. A psychic dream that will eventually come true.

I wonder if on that day, I will have a strong feeling of deja vu.


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