Many days later

So after using the EEEPC 1005HA for about a month, I'd have to say I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Other than my, IPOD and Cell Phone, the EEEPC is the only device I have ever purchased that I have used every single day. Since the purchase of the EEEPC I have only used my desktop PC maybe once or twice. And each of those times was so I could install something onto my EEEPC. I am sure I am saving a good chuck of electricity by using the EEEPC over the desktop.

The portabity of it is just amazing.

The only major issue that I have run into was a few blue screens I received while opening Google Chrome. Though I do not know if the issue was caused by Google Chrome. Each time the EEE just restarted as normal. Never did I receive the blue screen in succession. I'd say there was at least a week between each of the … 3 times. I'm thinking google chrome is a piece of crap that needs to be updated; but I still use it for hulu as it does take less resources to run it.

Apparently I have 50 days to play Diablo before my characters are automatically deleted.


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