New Music.

I’ve been listening to some new music and thought I’d share some of my thoughts on it…

I liked Cartel’s first release “Chroma” but I was really letdown by their second…so let down that I didn’t think I’d bother with them anymore. But I’m glad I did because their new album Cycles is really good. It sounds more like their first album and it’s fun to listen to.

Dashboard Confessional-Alter the Ending
I was sooo happy to see that Dashboard provided an acoustic version of every song on this album. I like them so much better with just Chris and the guitar. I don’t really feel like they have had a good album since “A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar”. Even that release wasn’t that great…but their new one is pretty good. I would definitely check it out.

Flyleaf-Memento Mori
I’ve known about Flyleaf for probably 2 years or more and I still can’t form a consistent opinion about this band…one minute I like them…the next I think they are boring. I found it hard to listen to their first album from beginning to end because I would get bored, but I did like some of the songs a lot. And with their new release nothing much really changes for me. I like their harder songs better and was disappointed to hear that the new album really lacked anything like songs “So Sick” and the other one…forget the name. But I do like the album…and for the most part I think if you really liked the first one you won’t be disappointed with the second one.

I’ve really been into Brendan Benson lately also…He’s really good. And I can’t stop listening to Brand New’s album Daisy…! Even though I’m not in love with it like their previous stuff, it’s still good….so that’s it…bored and listening to music…thought I’d share what’s in my playlist lately.

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