Philippines Trip-Traveling to Boracay.

We got up around 6 and had breakfast at the hotel then took the shuttle bus to the airport for our 9:30 am flight to Manila. Our flight was on time and it was around 4.5 hours long.

I watched Shutter Island on the plane. Kinda crazy. Then I watched animal planet’s funniest animals. This flight was really good, super smooth. The only problem was that at this point I was done with flying and I wanted off. We finally got to Manila around 1:45 pm.

Here we thankfully got our bag that we had checked in a day earlier. Then we met up with Don’s dad. He had our Boracay tickets and we had to catch that flight at 3:45 pm. He got a cab with us to take us to the different terminal.

Our flight to Boracay was delayed of course…because we rushed, rushed, rushed to get there fast and get through security. We were told that our flight was having to be diverted to a different island so we would have to take a shuttle bus and then a boat to Boracuy after the flight. So our flight took off around 5 pm and we landed around 6.


Then we got on the shuttle bus, which was super crowded. We actually had to sit on seats in the middle of the aisle that came down from the sides of other seats. It was super uncomfortable and super hot. What we thought would be a 15-20 minute ride turned out to be an hour and half.

We got to the place with the boat around 7:45 pm. Then we took the boat over to Boracay. When we got there we didn’t know where to go because no one came from our hotel to greet us. So we finally figured out we had to take a “cab”, which was really a motorcycle with like a wagon thing hooked to the side. They call them tricycles. It was a crazy, bumpy ride but cool. So we got to our hotel around 9 pm. We had some pizza since we hadn’t really ate all day then just watched a band play on the beach and then went to bed.

Here’s some pictures of our hotel.


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