Philippines Trip-Leaving Boracay

Had breakfast at the hotel around 8 am and then walked around and did a little shopping. Then I went swimming for a little bit at the pool and we laid out on the beach and went in the water a little. Mostly we were just waiting around for our bus to pick us up at 1 pm to go to the airport. At 1 a guy in a little van/truck came to pick us up to go to the port. At the port we got on a boat to go to Catcilan to catch a fight to Manila. This time we didn’t have a 2 hour bus ride! For some reason the plane was allowed to leave from the closer airport.

When we arrived to Manila, Don’s dad and his friend Jackie Chan (a retired cop) were there to pick us up. They were excited to take us to Mall of Asia. It is the biggest mall in Asia. The mall was really cool because in the middle it didn’t really have a roof top, it was pretty open. There was a fashion show going on. The mall had an ice skating rink and a beach like area with restaurants. Kind of like a board walk.

Then we went to Don’s dad’s apartment and will be staying here for the next few days.

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