Philippines Trip-Laoag

Today we woke up and had breakfast..rice, eggs, and bacon. Every meal has rice. It was raining so we were not sure if we should go to the beach. By the time breakfast was over though it had stopped and people decided we should go to the beach. So we all piled in the 2 vans and rode about an hour to the beach. It was like a public beach behind a resort and the resort was awesome. It had an awesome pool with a view of the sea. We looked at the rooms and decided we will stay there tomorrow night instead of this other hotel we are in. So we can check in tomorrow at 2.

But anyway we paid to swim in their pool today and then we also swam in the beach. The beach water was soooo warm. I’ve never felt water that warm before. The beach was okay…not as nice as Boracay but good.
It had a lot of little hut like things you can sit under for a picnic. We swam for about 2 hours then it started raining.

Playa Tropical Resort Hotel
Playa Tropical Resort Hotel

Playa Tropical Resort Hotel
Playa Tropical Resort Hotel

Playa Tropical Resort Hotel
Playa Tropical Resort Hotel

I guess some people had went to get some food and wanted to eat it at the beach but it was raining so hard so we all got in the vans and went to Tita Nitz’s house.

After eating we just came back to our hotel and showered and relaxed for a bit. Then we decided we wanted to go walk around and take pictures…but somehow that turned into EVERYONE wanting to come…at first it was just going to be like me and Don’s cousins.

So we decided to just walk around and we got empanadas. By this time one of the vans came up to us and said it was just the people we originally planned to go with so we got in the van and went to Laoag City. We walked around and took pictures.


After a little sight seeing we went back to the hotel and had dinner because Don’s mom invited some of her old classmates for dinner. After dinner we just went to bed.

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