Haven’t written about a dream in a long time.

So might as well put something down before i completely forget it.

Crap its gone…. what the hell was it about?

something….. there was a hallway…..

Oh ok wait no there was a car. And I think it was like a Winnebago. I think my mom was driving it. And we were trying to get away? From something. Hmmm nope kinda lost it.

Ah well nevermind. I’ll write down my next dream for sure.

Woo Hoo Episode 1 of the Amontillado Group

Alright! Finally got some videos uploaded. One of many!

This first Episode of the Amontillado Group is about online dating. It’s about a 30 minute conversation. Figure this is a good amount of time for these. Hopefully these videos aren’t that bad; it’s a learning experience right? Gotta start somewhere.

Amontillado Group, for those that do not know, is simply the name that Valmonuni and I came up with to represent ourselves. There’s a bit of back story behind the name, but that’s not too important.

So yeah, hopefully this will turn into an ongoing thing. And maybe just maybe people will like it and watch more of it.

Oh well.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3