Swamp Tour

Today we had to wake up early for our Swamp Tour that we booked with Cajun Encounters.  The bus picked us up and 8 am and this morning was a little rough for me. There was a Subway across the street from our hotel so we picked up breakfast sandwiches from there. The bus was on time but many of the people were not. The bus driver had a microphone that had the volume turned up way too high and he would yell out people’s names. It was kind of ridiculous. When we finally rounded everyone up we headed towards Honey Island Swamp, it was about an hour drive.

The temperature was only in the 50s in the morning so getting on the boat was a little chilly, especially when the boat started going fast. It was also too cold to see alligators (although we did see a dead one) so that was kind of a bummer but seeing the swamp was cool; I hadn’t really seen a landscape like that yet. It was also crazy to see houses built on the swamp.



We came across many raccoon families on the swamp and the tour guide fed them marshmallows.




The Honey Island Swamp Tour was pretty cool. I would recommend it in slightly warmer weather. Once we got back we were really hungry so we decided to go to Mr. Ed’s Seafood and Oyster House. When I asked my friend Amanda for fried chicken recommendations this was one of the places she mentioned. The fried chicken was definitely good. After we ate we walked around a bit and attempted to take the trolley back to the quarter but we waited a long time and just decided to walk. The walk wasn’t too bad.

We walked around the quarter and saw a place called Napoleon House that looked interesting so we went in and had a drink. Their Old Fashioneds were pretty good.  After there we went to Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets. I really liked this place and I wasn’t really thinking it would be great but I wish we had time to go back.


After Cafe Du Monde we wanted to check out Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar. It is one of the oldest bars in the country. The place looked pretty cool.



We were pretty tired after a long day so we walked Bourbon Street on the way back to the hotel.

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