Nickelodeon Universe

Lucas slept pretty good in his tent bed last night. We slept until about 7. Khris bought some bagels for breakfast and we were out the door around 9 to head to Nickelodeon Universe. We stopped at a park along the way it was super hot though.

Nickelodeon Universe is in a huge mall in East Rutherford New Jersey. We had bought wristbands in advance for Don and I, but I would advise just getting the points if you’re going with a small child because they cannot do all of the rides. This was Lucas’s first taste of riding rides. He did all the rides that he could, we might have missed one. He had a blast.

We took a break to have lunch at a pizza place right outside the park inside the mall. It was pretty good. When we came back we did a meet and greet with the Paw Patrol. Lucas loved it. He was really focused on showing them how he could jump haha. We rode a couple of more rides then we let Lucas pick out a toy. He picked a Paw Patrol bubble gun thing.

Once we got in the car Lucas was out. We drove to Jonathan’s house hoping he would nap more there but he would not. So then we went to Lola’s house. Raiden and Rayne were there and they were napping when we got there. Once they got up the three of them danced around, went on the balcony, and looked at Raiden and Rayne’s tablets. Lucas didn’t really know what to do with the tablet because we don’t really let him use one at home. We ate some food and the kids had a lot of ice cream. We left around 6:30 to go back to Khris and Jess’s. Lucas played with his bubble gun outside for awhile. Once Lucas went to bed we all stayed up and played Code Names. It was a really fun game

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