back in port canaveral

Lucas was up early again! This kid is an early riser. We had to be up early anyway for breakfast in the dining room at 6:45. It was an ok breakfast but not as good as the previous days. I really missed the eggs benedict!! After we finished they announced we could get off the ship. The line was long and winding but it surprisingly went very fast.

Once off the ship we got to our car easily and there was no traffic! Seriously so easy. We called Hampton Inn to see if was possible to check in early and it was only 8:30 am, surprisingly they had a room ready! The room is so spacious and great with a balcony.  

So we got in and Lucas played a bit while we got settled and then we got our swimming suits on and went to the pool. Lucas tried his snorkel some more but he gets frustrated. Eventually we got him to just swim and we had fun. He was swimming really well with his goggles and puddle jumper. He even jumped from the steps a few times.

For lunch we ordered BBQ and brought it back to the room. We watched Bluey. Lucas was so cute and tired. He laid his head on my legs while he finished his food. 

He quickly fell asleep in his pull-out sofa bed for his first really good nap of the trip. We all napped. After nap we went to Golf and Gater. We held a baby alligator; Lucas was not sure about it and the picture shows! Then we fed them. There was a mineral treasure hunting that Lucas did. He loved it. He asked the worker if he was a pirate because he had treasure. It was crazy hot here. I don’t know how people live in Florida. 

Next we went to the boardwalk at Cocoa Beach. We got a candle for Gigi. Lucas got a baby turtle hatchling and a little keychain with his name. We looked at the beach and watched people surf. Then we went over to PizzaVola.  We had a cesar salad and pepperoni pizza. It was absolutely delicious. It was NY style pizza. We came back to the hotel and Lucas played for a bit. We all fell asleep pretty early and we go back home tomorrow.

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