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Zombie Apocalypse Live


By far the best haunted house / zombie experience I have ever had. Each person gets a realistic M16A4 Rifle (infrared) that has safety, single round and 3 round burst settings. Air-soft recoil action. All the zombie actors have electronic sensors. Gotta make the head-shot. Soooooo good. Zombies come charging at you and you let them have it. Three Reloading/Safe House locations throughout. Two Buildings/play areas.http://zombieapocalypselive.com/ This group is doing a small tour, if its coming by you I highly recommend.


Dreaming of Highschool and Theater productions

So last night I had an odd dream.

Let’s see if I can remember the detail.

So the main part of the dream that I remember the most was where I decided to cross dress as an old lady; but that came later. The first part of the dream was me in some sort of post apocalyptic survival scenario.

I remember in the dream there being this abandoned factory like area. I was part of a group of survivors that was just hiding out. I’m not sure if it was aliens or zombies that had caused this post apocalyptic scenario, but there we were. I can’t remember if my wife was there, but I was running around trying to protect everyone. We were being attacked by survivor bandits. You’ve seen their kind in the movies, they steal and beat up other survivors even though the real enemy oppresses all. I had grabbed two folding knifes that were just lying there on the floor. I guess I decided that I’d be able to duel wield folding knives in some Dungeons and Dragons Rogueish attempt to protect my people. In chasing some bandits and cutting one of them I found myself guiding some survivors into a freight elevator.

We closed the doors and took the freight elevator up. I guess the idea of taking an elevator reminded me of my high school’s elevators. (I went to a big High School, we had about 4 to 6 elevators in a 10 floor building.)

When I got out of the elevator I had forgotten about the survivor bandits and lost the folding knives. I was late to class and we had a group presentation. I don’t recall knowing anyone in my group, but we had a list of dialogue that we were going to read and act out in front of the class in some sort of English literature skit.

My group members handed me my dialogue and told me to hurry up and get ready. Everyone went into the classroom while I was left in the hallway. In the hallway (which was very narrow) were several garment racks with all sorts of costumes. When I peered through the classroom doorway I saw several students sitting in the front in full Elizabethan period costumes. Thinking to myself, that I was way behind and had to get on a costume immediately I scoured the racks as fast as I could. Unfortunately, everything I found was like 10 sizes too small. As if everything was made for skinny female actors. Thinking off the cuff and knowing nothing I would find on the racks would fit me right, I decided to go with a haggered old wench layered in several undersized blouses and dresses that I essentially wore as capes. I layered just enough clothing to make the outfit look exactly how you’d imagine a haggered old wench in the Elizabethan era would look. Somehow this choice of costume was perfect for my group presentation. (Now that I think about it, I think I was going for that Junk goblin look, you know the one in the Labyrinth.)

Finally, with my costume complete, I walked to the classroom doorway waiting for my group to be called. But as I stood there waiting for my turn to get on stage I heard the teacher say allowed “OK class that’s all the time we have today for presentations. Sorry to everyone who could not do their skits. This won’t be counted against you as your individual research papers were really the main part of this exercise. Please make sure your papers are all on my desk before you leave.

And my dream thus ended with that parting throught “Fuck, I forgot to do my research paper!”