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Las Tablas Colombian Steakhouse.


So Don and I decided to eat here tonight and it was great!! It was about a 20 minute walk to the restaurant. We ordered the empanadas for an appetizer. There were 3 kinds: cheese, beef, and chicken. We couldn’t eat all of them so we brought some home!! They were very good! I think the cheese one was the best. Out of all the empanadas I’ve had though I’d probably rate them a 3.5 out of 5 only because the ones with meat didn’t really have any taste to them…they needed some spice or something.

We both ordered steak…of course. I got the Entrana Steak (skirt steak) with beans, rice and a sweet plantain. Don got the Bandeja Paisa, which was a Colombian style rib-eye steak with rice, beans, a fried egg and a plantain. He loved his and my steak was great!! So tasty and juicy. We were stuffed.

This place is a little pricey. It was $60 for two of us, but we had an appetizer and one mojito-like drink. But worth it. I really wanna take my dad here because I think he would really like the steak! I would rate it a 4/5, because it was pricey and I didn’t think the empanadas were the best. Other than that though….it was great so check it out. So one restaurant down, a lot more to go!