End of Day 3, Job Hunt continues.

Signed up with a temp agency. Wasn’t very inspiring though. They basically told me they can get me a job with a company that I already have a job with. So yeah no new ground covered with that. Did receive a call back from “Easter Seals”. This might be an opportunity, who knows. Will have to see where that goes.

So its Day 3 of the job hunt. and 5 days since I’ve been in Illinois. 5 days since I’ve left New York City, and, well I guess I have an apartment now. Going to move into it on Saturday. Going to be weird living by myself. Alone. Looking at bare walls of white. Hope I don’t go crazy. Its weird. The estate, has a quiet time. Heheh. Technically the rules say its “study time”. Because most of the tenants are students, there is a time of each day that the volume level has to be down to a minimum. No keggers allowed on the property either. Not that I was planning on it. Did pass some cool looking Frat houses. Maybe I’ll start going to parties right? Yeah…. That’s probably not going to happen.

I wont post my apartment info just yet, if you’re curious email me or catch me when I’m online to ask. Oh speaking of which!

AHHHH how will I survive! At the apartment I wont have any internet access until I set myself up with one. And I don’t want to do that until I know I can afford one. If I want dial up I have to buy a telephone line and then buy the service. But if I just get some sort of broad band like Cable modem, I wont have to go through that. I don’t know, I guess I will see. The cheapest route will be the best route. Better have some free set up or I’ll be pissed.

Oh got new car insurance today. And yeah, im paying like half of what i was paying in new york. Really, really, cheap. I mean if i was in new york alone on my own, with car insurance at my age… id be paying like 300 a month. (hahha like Mike is hahah) But now its more like 300 every year! Ok well maybe every 6 months. But still thats way better. And gas, just about a buck fifty. Cheaper than riding the MTA or buying most water bottles.

Next plan of action: Super Job Mode. Going to have to take it up a notch.

Well see you on the Flip side.


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